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Fer da Pup

So . . . I have a little "grand-pup" . . . and she is about the cutest thing ever.

IMG_0958 2

Her name is Ferda (after an oft-used phrase in the TV series "Letterkenny" . . . "fer da boys" . . . hockey humor). (Also, I am not recommending this show to y'all. Unless you like your humor rather obscure and of the hockey locker room variety. Then go for it.) Brian and Lauren adopted her as a little pup a couple of months before the pandemic arrived. I've not seen Ferda nearly enough . . . sigh. Anyway. Ferda has . . . a personality to match her cuteness! She is full of energy and curiosity and eagerness. She is a bounding, joy-filled pup.

She also . . . likes clothes! (And comfort.)


When Brian and Lauren first brought her home, it was winter and very cold. And she was a skinny, sick little pup. They put her in little dog sweatshirts to keep her warm in their drafty old house. She likes wearing clothes now -- and has a growing wardrobe.

But she doesn't have a handknit sweater from her "grandma."



She will by the weekend, though! 

I'm knitting Ferda the Lucky Dog sweater (Ravelry link here). I did a lot of researching dog sweaters before I landed on this one, because dogs? They're kinda hard to fit, y'know? What I like about the Lucky Dog design is . . . ribbing in the "undercarriage" area, where dog sweaters tend to pull. And short rows through the chest to accomodate that chesty "dog shape." I'm knitting Ferda's sweater in Teflon-coated (not really) Encore Tweed (mostly acrylic, but also some nylon and a touch of actual wool) because you need something sturdy and washable for an active pup.

I'm nearing the end (quite a bit farther along than the photo I took yesterday), and I may even get a chance to try it on her this weekend.

That Ferda. She's one lucky dog!

(And if you want to see more Ferda, you can check out her Instagram account @the.ferds here.) (Because of course she has her own IG account.)


How about you? What'cha making?


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Ohmigosh...that picture, asleep on the couch?! That’s all kinds of love right there!! Lucky dog for sure 💙


Ferda is a lucky dog, and I love her name! I once knit a dog sweater for a woman I worked with, and it was the worst project ever. I knit it without a pattern, just Ozzy's measurements, and was so happy when it was finally done. The woman offered to pay me but since she wasn't a knitter she didn't understand why I would tell her the price was $5000. I do hope we'll see photos of Ferda modeling her sweater soon!


Goodness, what a sweetheart she is! I peeked at her IG and can see how skinny she was when she first came home -- they're clearly been taking very good care of her! I'm sure she's going to love her new sweater (and the name of the pattern is really apt for this particular pup).

I'm still knitting my kid's Little Boxy, but the end of the body is in sight!


She is so cute!


Ferda is a cutie! And you're a good grandma to knit her a sweater! I'm hoping for a photoshoot this weekend for you.


Ferda is so adorable! That face! I have been looking at Granddog sweaters and have been eyeing the Lucky Dog sweater. Sam is now in Milwaukee and last weeks 35 below temps about did Bowser (of Mario Fame!) in. I hope to be casting on as soon as my yarn gets here!


What a sweet dog!! And what a lucky dog!! That color yarn is great and I hope to see fashion shoots soon.


What a cute baby puppy! Can't wait to see her wearing her new sweater!

Susanne Scheurwater

I love Ferda. I checked her IG account and that nose!!!! is just too cute for expressive. She is a lucky pup to have found such a great home and on top of that a knitting grama!!!!!


She's perfect. Those ears! I've got knitting ADD right now. A hat! The second sock! Lucky Dog sweater! I just bought the pattern...Ruby will be 1 on March 22...God help me! :-)


What a sweet grand pup. She is a lucky dog to have a knitting Grandmother.


Oh, how did I miss this post? What a great name and adorable puppy! Those ears! And no you can be a knitting grandma! I was thinking of that sweater myself for a tiny little great-great-grandniece. Chloe


NOW, not “NO”. Where is auto check when you need them??


Oh my gosh! She is the cutest! How fun that she likes to stay warm! I understand! LOL I can't wait to see her showin' off in her new "grandma" sweater!

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