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Cut and Paste

If you've ever joined Ali Edwards for her One Little Word year-long workshop, you know that February . . . is vision board month. Some people really enjoy making vision boards; some people hate it. Me? I LOVE it! (I make little vision boards for myself all the time, in fact.)

There is nothing I find more centering . . . than sitting with a pile of magazines in front of me and a pair of scissors in my hand. Just clipping out images and words that resonate in some way. 


It's not about your "word" (if you have one) - or any other "goal." It's just about choosing what inspires. Words that speak to you. Images that appeal to you. It's a way to . . . see what pops up.


I ended up just creating my vision board this month right in the pages of my word-journal. 


I really like the way they turned out. A little introspective. Quiet. Kind of grounded. The way I want to feel this year.
(And - bonus! - I have plenty of extra clipped images to make more pages later.)

How about you? Do you like to cut and paste? Have you ever tried making a vision board?


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I love the way this one came together. When I was younger I made vision boards all the time but we called them collages back then. hahaha! I had one that I made from cutting a giant poster board into the letter C and I dragged that thing to college with me.


Nope - no cutting and pasting for me...and we don't have magazines very often in the house! But, I do like what you've done and that is a great Mary Oliver quote (I don't think she's ever written anything I didn't like!).


I'm not much of a cutter and paster, but it does remind me of all the fun I had doing just that with the kids. I'm also slightly intimidated by "vision boards" but Carole has reminded me that they were called collages way back when, and I did plenty of collages!


I would enjoy doing one but I don't have a "space" so it would need to go directly to the trash! :-)


Nah, I just fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.

YOUR vision board is very pretty. It has a very relaxed feel to it.


I am not an art journal person although I love to peek at what others, like you, are creating. I use my journal for keeping my notes and thoughts together. Words are my medium I think.


Not on paper. But in my head. Chloe


I haven't done this in years, but I think it's something I would really enjoy! Maybe this is a good reason to finally flip through the piles of magazines I've got sitting around?


No cutting and pasting for me, but I am asking myself why not? Hmmm, you have given me something to consider. I like how your word is speaking to you! (and yeah, that hair!!)


I love the making part—but I always end up recycling because I don’t actually USE them...( I do like the idea of adding vision pages to a journal, though. Yours are beautiful!)

Gale Z

I’m not a vision board maker but sometimes I think I treat my desk (which is quite large) as a vision board.
I like seeing yours!


I have a box with clipped pictures and words and yesterday was pulling more beautiful images from a few magazine. I love making collages and hope to get my One Word vision board done this weekend


oh yes! that was one of my favorite prompts ... until I couldn't find print copy to engage with (2014? 2015?) I LOVE what you did with your pages.


I've made a ton of collages -- LOVE making collages -- but they're arty and, sure, somewhat personal but mostly art. Heh. I've never made a "vision board." I find that way too intimidating and with a little too much pressure. I know I can't do it "wrong," and no one really cares other than me... I think I've always had a problem with the future... vision, plan. (Which explains why retirement is a ways off.) (Unless it's vacation, then I'M ALL ABOUT PLANNING!! I'm ready to GO!)


I've had the aspiration to create collages and vision boards, but I've never put anything together. As it is, I no longer get magazines their colorful images, but I love seeing what you've put together and what inspires you.

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