A Change is Gonna Come
The Way It Is

Who Knew

I knew . . . I'd feel better when that other guy disappeared.

I knew . . . I'd be relieved with a violence-free transfer of power.

I knew . . . I'd be supremely satisfied to see Kamala Harris sworn in as Vice President.


I was absolutely not prepared, though, for the intensity of my emotions yesterday. My swell of pent-up patriotic joy at seeing all that red, white, and blue hanging so boldly on the Capitol building. My awe at the impact of all those little flags and beams of light on the Mall. My pride in watching Kamala Harris step into her place in history. My utter relief of seeing Joe Biden sworn in as our new president. Lady Gaga. Fire Captain Andrea Hall. THAT POEM! 

I was a total puddle through it all. An absolute puddle.

It was more powerful than I could have predicted.
Way more emotional.
And absolutely cathartic!

It was a balm for my soul . . . that I hadn't even realized I needed.


I also didn't realize I needed to spend time with Tom Hanks on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial last night! I tend to avoid TV generally, and "cheesy" TV specifically. Yet there I was, Tom beside me, enjoying every freakin' minute! It was total release!

Who knew . . . I needed Katy Perry and all those fireworks???


But I did!
(And I slept all through the night last night, too.)


(Want to watch the highlights from yesterday again? This is a great highlight reel.)


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It was SOOOO GOOD! The best inauguration I have ever watched, (what little we were able to see in past inaugurations). This Inauguration met every check on my list, a new beginning, incredible views of flags, lights, red, white and blue, and Amanda Gorman, be still my heart, first women VP, fire works! I must put in here too that I LOVED Bernie as well, the man of the people!
I have never wrote to the WH before but I am today, sending them a Thank You note for a wonderful day and feeling so part of the celebrations.


I missed the Tom Hanks show (boo!) but watched what I could gather together of the inauguration last night and you are right...who knew I'd be so happily teary eyed! What a great day!!!


I was surprised by my emotions and tears, too! We've been without common decency and humanity for four years, so it was an incredible relief to welcome the return of all of it.


Do I ever hear you, on all counts, Kym! I held a flannel hanky to my face for much of the day. Relief. Release. And not realizing—I don’t think we COULD have realized—just how much we needed it. Seeing as we’ve all been operating in a crisis mode the last four years. To say the least. And can I just say how much I’m looking forward to the nightly news?!

Caffeine Girl

I feel like I missed an important moment because I worked like a madwoman all day.
Thanks for sharing your joy!


Utter joy for sure! And Amanda Gorman - WOW!!! What a powerhouse! I loved her poem and I loved her delivery of it - just amazing. Also, I thought Biden's speech was excellent. What joyous relief!! this is our prize for making it through the last 4 years.


It was amazing! We were very emotional here, too, and I'm grateful to everyone who worked so hard to create a beautiful inauguration ceremony for us!


It was a wonderful inauguration! President Biden's speech, our first female vice president, Amanda Gorman, Lady Gaga, and even dear Bernie Sanders just being himself! Like you, I was very emotional and cried tears of relief and joy. At the end of the day I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from me. I'm ready to do my part and work toward a brighter future!


Oh my word .....Lady Gaga knocked it OUT.OF.THE.PARK!

The pride on her face ..................simply wonderful.

Julia in KW

I work from home these days, and I spent the day running up and down the stairs to watch the proceedings and coverage during the day and was parked on the couch to watch the celebrations in the evening. I kept a handkerchief handy all day. A very moving day (even for your neighbours up north of the border!)🇨🇦 Very happy for you!🎉

kathy b

You were not alone. My daughter texted mea photo of her tears. I had many as well! What a day! Fabulous changes well overdue.


Well written Kym. I agree, the day was a balm for the soul of America. I too was full of emotion. And you know what - I slept all night - like a babe. I thought the entire ceremony struck just the right note. Hopeful and refreshing, a taste of what America might become.


Like you, I was surprised by just how emotional I was. I knew I would be happy and moved to finally see a woman sworn in as vice president (and I will be even more so when we finally see one take the presidential oath), but I didn't expect to be so reduced to a puddle of tears. Something about seeing the government carrying on its business as usual when just two weeks ago it looked like democracy itself might crumble -- and while I've found the national anthem has moved me in the past, I absolutely lost it when Lady Gaga sang "our flag was still there" and gestured to the one flying above the capital.

I too usually avoid the cheesy specials, but I really enjoyed the Tom Hanks one. It just felt so reassuring. And you know what my favorite part was, aside from the fireworks? That shot of Joe Biden holding his grandson. I will readily admit that he was not my top choice for president, but I know that he the right man for the job right now because he is a kind, compassionate, deeply good man.


I, too, watched in in awe at the days events. Teary eyed, relieved, and full of hope! It was a glorious day!


Lady Gaga was amazing! BUT, nothing, nothing hit me the way Amanda Gorman did, her visual, her voice, her hand movements, her POEM! She was everything! Also, Kamala Harris' smile! Oh, my. My country, I love you.


I didn't watch much of the day's ceremonies and festivities, but I did watch Amanda Gorman's speech. It has haunted me ever since. Smokey told me last night that he is sleeping better since Biden took the oath. Me, too.

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