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This will surely be . . . A Week, my friends.

Take care of yourselves.
Keep your balance.
Find ways to settle and rest.

And . . . carry your umbrella!


(PS. We did find Tom's Air Pods last Friday. It turns out  . . . there is a "secret" layer of fabric under our couch. To catch things that slip between the cushion and the back of the recliner mechanism. And so secret that you don't even know it's there until you flip the couch upside down!)


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I've read about National Guard troops in DC and most states, but I was shocked to see footage of what this actually looked like on the news last night. Here's hoping it's a week with much more good, forgiveness, and kindness than hatred, evil, and violence.


I hope it's a week of peace and hope and celebration!


LOL over the Air Pods. Glad they were found (even if you had to flip the couch to do so!!). Cheers to this week - may it be a peaceful one.


It will be a week of long walks and deep breaths for me. I am trying to focus on my hope and happiness and not on my anxiety.

Glad the Air Pods were finally located!


Glad you found the Air Buds. That's a pricey thing to lose.

This week should be interesting. Actually, I hope it ends up being quite boring for everyone, if you know what I mean.


Oh my gosh! I almost sent you an email yesterday, wondering if you'd found them. How the HECK did you discover them? That reminds me of a liner we had in a piece of furniture growing up. We lost our cat for an entire day--and in that liner is where we found him, curled up and fast asleep. Good grief.
Love that Pema quote... (love Pema, period!)

Caffeine Girl

Wow, you flipped the couch upside down? You are in intrepid searcher. I would never have thought of that. And, yes, it's going to be a week.


OH so glad y'all found Tom's AirPods (and that secret hiding place ;-)

I feel like I am holding my breath this week. trying to make sure it's only figuratively. xxoo.

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