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Under the Surface

My one little word for 2021 is . . . 


Root . . . 

started bubbling up, rising to the surface in my subconscious mind sometime in the fall. Or, at least, that's when I noticed it kind of hovering there. On the edge of my thoughts. I think it popped up as a response to one of my favorite flow-quotes from last year . . . 

"I am rooted, but I flow."
        --- Virginia Woolf

I started thinking about that quote. A lot. What does it mean . . . to be rooted? And what roots ME?

There is a lot of appeal for me right now . . . after a year of such rapid upheaval, of uncertainty, of constantly adapting, of flowing . . . to think about stability. About feeling settled. Grounded. Healthy. Rooted.

So my one little word journey this year . . . is going underground!

It's time to dig deep.
Get my hands dirty.

C'mon along.


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That's a big contrast to flow...but they do go together. It will be fun to see where this takes you!


Well!! I like this turn! (and it seems so perfect for you with your gorgeous gardens!)


Root is a perfect choice - for 2021, and more importantly, for you!


Hmm, very interesting! I immediately think of trees and how they stay firmly attached to the ground but are still flexible. It will be interested to see how you combine what you learned from Flow with Root.


Oooh. Sounds fun!!


I love this word and it was on my short list. It feels like a good word for the work you have been doing - and very yoga connected


I like it! I just read the part about the Aspens and roots and Phee in Cerulean Sea. Good stuff. xo


Root is a wonderful word to explore and I look forward to hearing about your journey !


Good word! Things that are rooted can grow!


I'm so glad this is the word you chose. I look forward to watching it take shape in your life. XOXO


You know - much of life is a paradox. By following flow with root, you are embracing the contradictions that make up a life. And personally, I love the yoga referent - root to rise. Just sayin


oohhh. this is gonna be good. and I can only hope you'll share some of that dirt with us, too!


You must get a little extra out of all the ‘root to rise’ in Breath this month! Looking forward to the journey this year.

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