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I don't know about y'all, but I am worn out! This release of emotion . . . after all the carrying of the stresses-and-tensions of the last four years . . . has just exhausted me.

All I want to do right now is nap.
And be endlessly entertained by Bernie memes.


(My current favorite.)

Have a good weekend, everyone.
We all deserve some rest!


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Bernie is cracking me up!! Have a great weekend, Kym.


Thank you for saying what I'm feeling! I've been very un-motivated since Wednesday. The Bernie memes are great, I agree.


Such a huge collective sigh of relief this week. Bernie has brought an extra dose of needed joy!


Was wondering why I've felt so exhausted since Wednesday. Thank you for putting a name on it. Never put two and two together, but this is exactly how I feel...


This is my current favorite Bernie meme too. I think we've been holding on and holding our breath for a while now. Our bodies and minds are tired. And then of course, realizing (which we knew, of course) that all the problems are still there. But with more hope.


I love the Bernie memes, and like I said to Vicki, I respect a man that dresses practically and for warmth!


Thank you for a good laugh after a rough day!


Laughter is always the best medicine for me! Especially when I feel so wiped out it's ALL I can do. Well that--or cry. And I've done enough of that for a while! Happy weekending to you :)

Helen Mathey-Horn

I've spent too much time on the Bernie memes, but they too have been cathartic. :)


Yes... you summed it up well. (thank goodness for those Bernie memes!)


This Bernie meme was definitely among my favorites!

I hear you on the exhaustion. I had a couple of days this week that were more physically active than usual and had figured that was why I was feeling so tired, but I really can't discount the effect of the release of all those emotions and all that anxiety I've been carrying. Even my daughter has been falling asleep more easily since Wednesday because she's less anxious about the state of the world!


My favorite is the one with Bernie on the skyscaper construction (https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/most-hilarious-settings-memes-bernie-sanders-mittens-175901866.html), mainly because a friend had a poster-size copy of the original on her office wall. Coincidentally, my friend also makes those exact mittens to sell.

kathy b

Oh I love ALL the Bernie Love. I thought of quick knitting some mittens to sell, but I don't think I can move that fast. My husband used to watch that painter so he's going to love this meme


I didn't realize just how exhausted I was ... until I fell asleep BEFORE the fireworks on Wednesday and barely made it til 8pm on Thursday and Friday ... even took a nap yesterday afternoon. and this morning, I finally felt rested. (of course it has been four plus years and I suspect we're all gonna need a little more sleep to "catch up")

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