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More and Less

So . . . on Monday I talked about setting intentions and goals for the year. And on Tuesday I explained about how I play around with my "word" at the beginning of the year. Today? I've got another kinda fun little planning/intention setting thing to tell you about. If that's not your jam (as Adriene would say), just scroll to the bottom of this post and you can look at my current knitting project.

For the rest of you? Let's go!

This is a fun little exercise that is always included in Ali Edwards' One-Little-Word January prompt (which tends to focus on getting to know/exploring your word). I call it . . . More and Less.  (I've done this every year since 2011.) The basic premise is to think about the year ahead by asking yourself two simple questions:

  1. What do I want MORE of?
  2. What do I want LESS of?

It's easy, kinda fun to think about, and . . . you get pretty close to your inner motivations and intentions by doing it! Here's what I came up with for myself this year:


If you haven't already done something like this for 2021, now is a perfect time. It's a full moon (always a great time to review your intentions and check in with yourself). It's the end of a month. It's almost the beginning of the month. And it's still very much the beginning of a new year.

Give it a try! Let me know what you think. And if you've already done this exercise, what are some of the things you want more and less of in 2021?


FYI - If you're into this kind of thing, Mercury goes retrograde starting tomorrow (through February 21).


And for those of you just here for the knitting . . . here you go! (I think it'll be finished later today.)



Here's to a weekend filled with just what you need . . . nothing more and nothing less!




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Good ole Mercury retrograde. Yay. Not. I charged my crystals under the light of the full moon on the windowsill last night, hopefully that will help with the bumpiness! I love this more/less exercise and I did it as part of my OLW journal. I'm hoping for more experiences and less saying no, among other things.


I should have started with the More and Less exercise because I got stalled on the intentions page for my OLW album. Thanks for the reminder. I really appreciate when you share your process.


I thought of you when I saw that full moon last night! Great exercise, that more/less...thanks for sharing how you do it. I tend to get stuck with one side or the other—so a clear visual like this would be good for me. (Loving all those sources of light in your knitting snapshot, too!)


My favorite moon - the Wolf Moon. (I used to have an outdoor ski / snowshoe part called the Wolf Moon was fun...remember parties???) I think I may try your more / less exercise today. Thanks Kym! xoxo


Originally came here for the knitting (thanks, Carole), stayed for the beautiful way you convey your thoughts on the page. Always something to chew on after visiting with you. Thank you!

kathy b

Love your sock. Love your thought provoking questions:

Games with the kids on zoom. Not just on holidays!
knitting for charity
deer sightings in our woods
cards and letters

covid covid covid
crazy news
flitting from thing to thing like a moth!


My list is all MOREs this year. Love More Whimsy! and that bit of twinkle light bokeh in the last photo :-) Happy Weekend!


Picture not coming through! Knitter Chloe


The first one came through with your list - that was fun! - but not the knitting.


I think we could all use more whimsy in our lives!


I need to try this more/less thing! Off the top of my head it's more seeing my kids and less covid, more new laptop and less frustration with technology, more chili and less chilly weather. Love the knitting!


Oh Thank you! I love it!


You know I'm not usually into this sort of thing, but I really do like the idea of a More/Less list. Bring on the Whimsy!!! My first More would be More Outside and my first Less would be Less Wind which, of course, I have no control over - LOL. Your knitting is so pretty - what is it? We are in the midst of a snow storm and it is nice to feel cozy!

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