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Mess O' Hats, Part 2: Auld Lang Syne Edition

Remember last week when I told you I went on a hat-knitting binge that continued on . . . even after I completed my Christmas gift knitting? Well, today you get the rest of them! Welcome to . . . 

A Whole Mess O' Hats, Part 2: Auld Lang Syne Edition.


I made one for Tom. (Ravelry link.)


And one for me. (Ravelry link.)


One for my sister. (Ravelry link.)


And another of these quick-and-easy headbands for myself. (Ravelry link.) (And, yeah. It's made from the leftovers of Erin's hat from last week.)


And even though I've moved on from hats . . . and I'm currently busy knitting away at a sweater (this one) . . . I'm still dreaming of hats.
(Like . . . this one.) 
(And this one.)
(And another headband.)
(Or two.)

(Oh, help.)


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They are all great hats (I especially like the colors in yours) and think how many heads will be warm because of you! I just finished a hat and was glad I didn't fall victim to KMHS (Kym Multiple Hat Syndrome). You know what might help? Knitting a Hitchhiker (or five...or more). :-)


Ooo! Those hats are just too cute! (even the dreaming about hats!!) (and I can't wait to see your sweater progress!)


All of these hats are great (I especially love yours) and I laughed out loud when I saw that one you are dreaming of making is called Fletcher! Hats are such a satisfying knit, aren't they? And the headband - I knit one for Anna (Mailing's sister) and now I want to knit more (another very satisfying knit).


more hat patterns for my queue - just lovely
and I am dreaming of a new sweater - that one is on my shortlist - we will see


Those are fabulous hats! I like yours especially. I have such a hard time knitting a hat that actually fits anyone, I applaud you for getting it right.


They all look great. I LOVE the one you made for yourself.


You worked like a machine to get so many hands done. Since winter is so long a hat is the perfect potato chip knitting. This week I found an old handspun in my stash and thought I really need to find just the right pattern to make something warm for the chilly days we're having (no snow, however). You given me the answer and I'm going to check out 2 of the styles. Thank you!

kim in oregon

LURVE these hats!

Just finished "Leave the World Behind" and oh my goodness.

kathy b

Hard to pick a favorite. They are all awesome hats! The toque is my fave.


These are all so fun. A cornucopia of hats:). Can’t wait to see your version of the sweater. I would be starting one by now except I don’t look good in boat necks and lack the technical and designer skills to devise a drapier, or vee-ier neckline. For versatility and flattery and pleasure in knitting I keep going back to 2 x 2 rib headbands (the stretchiness can substitute for a cowl. But then I am a lazy knitter. So I love seeing other people ‘s more ambitious ones. Oh and does anybody knit those Finnish Panta ones anymore? I still wear mine. Will have to check Ravelry.


Hats are such a satisfying project, aren't they? I'm planning to pull some DK/worsted scraps to knit up some charity hats. Maybe I'll make it a year-long project to always have one one the needles!

My favorite part of the hat you knit yourself is the contrasting tassel!


I love Lineate! And yours... with those colors & that CONTRAST! I'd love to modify that design to become a cowl (since I don't wear hats).

Tom looks like he might be able to sport a little ponytail... if not now, then soon!! ;)


I had my eye on Lineate for a while - yours is gorgeous! I like the one you've made for your sister too. Maybe there is hope for a hat for myself! Nice work Kym! xo


oooh, love the hats and thank you for the headband suggestion. I need something just like that for tennis ... off to check my DK leftovers!


More beautiful hats. Hats are great projects in so many ways. I love the variety in all of your hats. I tend to get stuck on just a few tried and true patterns.

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