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Mess O' Hats, Part 1: Christmas Edition

My last knitting-related post . . . was about a month ago.
When I explained that I was on a hat-knitting binge.
(Christmas gifts for my kids, if you recall.)

Since the holiday is over now - and the hats all received -  I can finally share which hat I knit for which kid.  

But. I also need to confess that . . . my hat-knitting binge didn't stop there.
Nope. I just kept on knitting hats after the gift-knitting was complete.
(I get that way now and then.)

Welcome to A Whole Mess O' Hats, Part 1: Christmas Edition!

For Erin . . . 


For Keith . . . 


For Brian . . . 

IMG_1980 2

For Lauren . . . 

IMG_1991 2

Fun knitting, for sure! And it makes me happy to know that even though I can't be with them, they can always count on me to keep them warm!

You can find all the details on Ravelry here (click the first link for my project details/notes, or the second link for the pattern):

Which is your favorite???


And . . . stay tuned for Mess O' Hats, Part 2!
(Because there are . . . 4 more to come.)


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Oh man! They all turned out beautifully. I thought I would like Lauren's Shiftalong best, but Erin's Shear is so pretty! Now on to Part 2!!


It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but I think I like Erin's best. I do have to say that I love your photos of all of the hats. I'm not sure I would have chosen to knit Shear based on the pattern photos, but your photo quickly convinced me to consider what yarn in my stash might work. Looking forward to Part 2!


Those are all great patterns, and I'm definitely going to knit some of them. I absolutely love Erin's Shear, but Windschief is a close second.
Hats are so rewarding and quick to knit -- and useful, too!


I have done a bit of hat knitting lately - I use it as a pallet cleanser. I love them all but I think the Shear is my first choice.


They are all great, but I think I like Lauren's the best, only because of the color play. I hope they all loved their new hats!


I think I'm in for Shear too! I do generally knit a hat in January. (And give away as I have YET to successfully knit one for myself that works...for me at least.) Nice job Kym!


I love them all but I think my favorite is Brian's. No. Erin's. No. Brian's. I can't choose!


Sorry, can't pick a favorite -- they're all GREAT!!

Um, binge knitting... you with the hats, me with the gnomes! (I'm not finished yet, either!)

kathy b

The last one is my favorite!!!!! I seem to struggle with getting size or gauge for hats. IS that DK?


Erin's! I love making hats, especially with some different stitch work.
I love working cables on hats for some reason. Socks are a close second for me.


Oh I hate to say. The others might get their feelings hurt. But I’m kind of like Carole. Between Erin’s and Brian’s. But Erin’s wins by a hair. Because of the color. They’re all gorgeous, though.


P.S. I have to say Jared Flood really knows his way around a hat. A friend made Turn A Square and it was absolutely delightful.


That is a gorgeous bunch of hats! (and some new to me patterns!) I especially love Shear and Windschief!


Love, love those hats. Seeing your knitted hats, I am wondering why I do not knit more hats? Small knit project, able to put in COMPLETE column, and just so darn cute!

Have a wonderful weekend.


I think Erin's hat is my favorite. I like the pattern a lot, but the beautiful red puts it in first place for me.


What lovely hats. I love them all. Sometimes I also get a bee in my knitting bonnet. Nothing to do but go with the flow. And you know how to do that very well. ;-)

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