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Have You Seen Me?

Right before we went to bed last night, Tom got agitated. He was clearly searching for something.

Tom: Have you seen my Air Pods?
Me: No.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the maddeningly wonderful Apple device known as Air Pods, here they are . . . 


(Let it be known: these are MY Air Pods. We have ascertained this fact. Mine are not missing.) (At the moment.)

Air Pods are wonderful because they work brilliantly.
Air Pods are maddening because they are so freaking easy to lose track of.

And Tom has lost track of his.

We searched everywhere last night.
We ascertained the events surrounding his last Air Pod "use."
We know they're in the house. 
(Because we didn't leave the house.)
(Also because we tracked them using Tom's "Find My" app.)
(But you can't "ping" them unless they are currently bluetooth connected to a device.)
(Sadly, Tom's are not.)

We have looked in all the likely places.
Multiple times.
Each of us.

We have looked in all the unlikely places.
Multiple times.
Each of us.

We have looked in ridiculously impossible places.
Multiple times.
Each of us.

We slept on it.

We repeated our looking again this morning.

Tom's Air Pods remain AWOL.

The Hunt continues.

So send the good searching juju our way, please.
Because we'll be obsessed with finding these damn Air Pods . . . until we find them.


I wish you all a great weekend. With no lost items. And good searching juju should something go missing.







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Have you checked all the pockets of clothing? I usually forget to empty my pockets before laundry day.


This is probably an unhelpful question, but have you checked really deep down under sofa and chair cushions? Ryan once misplaced his iPod mini and when I was rechecking under the sofa cushions I found that it had slipped through a tear in the fabric underneath the cushions and was down amongst the stuffing and springs. I'll also ask our neighbor, Larry, if he's got them. That's who we blame when we can't find things (like my favorite, perfectly-fitting leather gloves and the hat I knit John last Christmas). Sending all the good finding juju!


Oh bother! Have you tried praying to St. Anthony? I'm no Catholic but that often works for me! And now I'm wondering where my Air Pods are . . .


WE are missing a butter knife. HOW do you lose a butter knife that never leaves the house?????

Hope you find Tom's Air Buds. That is a much more expensive loss than a butter knife.



What did he do AFTER the last time they were "in use"? I am forever absent-mindedly setting things down in weird places on my way to someplace else. Or like the time I opened the cupboard one morning to get a plate and found the half a bag of frozen veg that I thought I put back in the freezer the night before. Distractions!!

Good luck!!


Have you tried Find My airPods?

I hope that works! Good luck!


I have two sets of AirBuds. I would DIE without them. Mine are in near constant use. I "lost" mine about a year ago (therefore two pair) and found them two weeks later in a pocket of my fleece jacket. You might check pockets of pans, coats, or jackets? Good luck!!


Did you look in his ear?


Any guilty looking pups? Good luck with the search!

Caffeine Girl

All my sympathy! This is why I don't have Air Pods. I would spend my life looking for them!

kim in oregon

This makes me crazy. We bought 'tiles' for keys and phones because of this!


Oh, no! Couch cushions are my first go-to. I'm sure you've looked there at least 6 times. Ugh. My guaranteed 'find it' solution is cleaning the house. When I finally put aside my frustration with the lost item and put my pissy-ness into returning every stinking thing to its place, I find it. (Though, you + Tom are probably starting at a better baseline, I suspect!) Did he check in his slippers/sneakers? In between the bed frame and the mattress? Bottom of the hamper? We've lost a couple of things in the past 10 months (including a paring knife! Maybe it's with Dee's butter knife!)--and I'll say it IS a silver lining that we can bank on finding it eventually because we hardly leave the house! Good luck.


oh my goodness - I can so relate! (I am embarrassed that one of my favorite things about my apple watch is that I use it to find my phone). Good LUCK!!!


Like socks that get lost in the dryer...


May the search end successfully. Sending good juju your way.

Gale Z

We’ve been resisting them for this reason, we misplace things too often!
There’s a finding superstition of tying a knot in something you’re wearing every day and lost objects appear. ( can’t tie a piece of string on you must be a knot on some you you are actually wearing). That’s my best shot! Good luck.


The last time that happened in our house, they were in the pocket of a pair of pants in the laundry, so check all pockets! I'm sure they will show up eventually, probably when you think it's hopeless and give up -- and in my experience, they're probably in a very obvious place that you think you've checked.

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