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Danger Zone

I have a problem: Dysfunctional "Craft Room."

I have a solution: Get in there and Do Something About It.

I have a plan: Shiny new plastic tubs and bins!

So yesterday afternoon, I stepped boldly into the dysfunction.
Which means . . . entering The Danger Zone.
The Danger Zone of Distraction!

IMG_2388 2

Because Tom found me a couple of hours later, sitting on the floor, weaving a potholder.
(Surrounded by EMPTY, shiny new plastic tubs and bins.)

(Please tell me I'm not the only one. . .)


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Hahaha! You are not alone at all! (Let me tell you how many times I have gotten distracted while stepping into the danger zone this month!)


Yup - happens to me all the time. And that weaving loom! I wanted to buy one for Ellis at Christmas but they were all sold out. I need to look again. Have fun.


Hahaha! I think that today, I’ll enter, and attempt to vacuum the floor, maybe wash it, so that when I begin again, I have a place to sit.


LOL - you are definitely NOT alone! From comments by others, it appears that we all get distracted so easily. It's a much better distraction than social media though!! Love your potholder loom - I remember spending so many hours as a youngster making potholders.


I am fondly known at home as Patty-three-things :-) Pretty pot holder!


You'll do it when you're ready. In the meantime, you've got a nice new potholder!


That happens to me all the time!


I'd say anyone who DOESN'T get distracted in a craft room is clearly not a crafter!


FOR SURE! I did this recently, or rather, attempted to enter the Danger Zone and come out with discard piles and organized shelves. Well, it's been weeks and I'm about where I started. For me, it was the washi tape. I spent two days getting my 2021 calendar prettified instead cleaning and organizing the closet. TBC....


Every single time! Whether it is books, yarn, photos....


OMG. I went to clean out some yarn and wound up making 11 stash hats. Netting 8 because I reknit 3 that I did not like. I glanced at the fabric weaving loom. The mini loom etc but I’m thinking i want to try again. And then there are the crocheted potholders, yarn waiting, Promised baby booties yarn waiting. And a couple of chunky knitted blankets requested after I made three for Christmas. Anyone know anyone who would like some vintage knitting patterns I have a ton of those.


You are definitely not alone! Haha. Definitely.Not.Alone.


You TOTALLY get a pass on that, b/c your potholder is stunning! I love the color combo! (I love to use those as coffee coasters in the morning.)


LOL and I totally get it. When I was taking apart and putting back together my room, I got lost in a couple of books (my all-time favorites are shelved in that room) ... isn't it wonderful to have entertaining distractions! (p.s. do you like those potholders? I'm contemplating a kit as a craft with the boys, but not sure they're actually functional?)


Ha! From all the comments I would say you are not the only one. Following a distraction is a sure sign of a creative mind. When I go past my sewing corner in the family room, I'm often distracted by a piece of fabric or a craft book.

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