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Once a month, many of us in Bloglandia share updates about our "words" for the year. (Honoré hosts, check it out.) It's a really helpful way to reflect back on the month-just-ended . . . to see how our "words" have popped up in our worlds. It's especially fascinating to me to see how these words connect - all year - for so many of us. There is some mysterious power in having a word, that's for sure.



"If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead."
            --- Buddha Gautama

Well. I surely never imagined a year quite like this one . . . when I chose my word last January! (Hoo boy. Talk about an understatement.) But, at this point in the year, I can see that . . . these weird times have actually enhanced the entire "relationship" with my word.

The pandemic forced me to abandon my "old" life (or much of it), leaving me with a blank slate for so many things -- including my word. A kind of . . . Now what? situation. How could this word - flow - fit into my life now that my life was so . . . different? I'd be writing a very different blog post right now, had the pandemic not come along and interrupted everything. And I'm pretty sure I'd be challenged by that quote from the Buddha (above). While I know I'd WANT TO be quiet enough to "hear the flow of the universe," I know I'd struggle with the actual DOING IT.

In a really interesting way, this forced pause in life-as-we-knew-it actually opened me up to understanding flow in a wholly different "life" -- in a new context altogether.

My best example? Well, before the pandemic, the rhythm of my days really came from the calendar. If I wanted to know what was up, I just looked at my planner! It held all the answers - what I was doing, where I was going, who I was meeting. My "flow" was really defined by boxes and grids and lists on monthly and weekly calendars.

Don't get me wrong. I still keep my calendar up to date, and I use my planner regularly. There's just a whole lot less ON it. I don't need to consult it so often. And I use it in entirely different ways now. (I have even, on occasion, gone for a couple of days without checking it at all. This would have been shocking in the Before Times.)

As the pandemic months tick by, though, I'm finding that I'm not so driven by the flow of dates and events in my planner. I've tuned into . . . other rhythms. That "flow of the universe" the Buddha talked about! My own daily circadian rhythms, for example: day and night, darkness and light, waking and sleeping. My biologic rhythms: breath, heartbeat, hunger, digestion. Universal rhythms:  the moon cycle, changing seasons, sunrise and sunset.

I'm so much more tuned in . . . to the flow around me. IN me. And this is a gift I doubt I'd have discovered if life had continued as before.

I know I'd have learned different things about myself, other lessons, of course, if the pandemic hadn't stepped in. But I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to . . . scrap my calendar and planner (or at least loosen things up significantly) and allow the rhythms of the universe to flow through me!


How about you? What did you learn from your word last month?


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I think it will be most interesting to see how this FLOWS when (WHEN!!) life returns to normal.


Kym, this post helps me articulate something I've been wondering about...and a few other introvert friends have written to me...How will we blend our Before Selves and our Pandemic Selves? For those of us who have found a new rhythm, like you describe today, I wonder if I will be able to find a balance when the scales shift to our Next Way of Being. (I suppose the answer is in your quote...)


I love your ideas about all the varied "flows" in ourselves and the universe. The pandemic and the time change have taught me to eat when I'm hungry (and not just because it's "time to eat") and to sleep when I'm tired. Daily walks have helped me recognize the flow in nature and my place in it. Like Vicki, I wonder what we'll be able to hold onto when life is a little more normal. (But I just read a vaccination timeline this morning and normal won't be back for quite a while.)


I can't even remember what my word was ..............was it intentional? Maybe?

Health issues have required me to be more intentional more flying by the seat of my pants. So, I guess (if that was my word), I've done pretty well with it. LOL

Wishing you a very quiet and peaceful December as we wind down 2020.


One thing I really love is how so many of have managed to stick with our words and adapt to the changing circumstances, especially since it would have been so much easier to say, "Screw it, there's a pandemic, I just need to focus on surviving!" I think you were actually particularly lucky in your word for these weird times!

I think the biggest thing I learned from my word last month is that I can "savor" traditions even when they're a bit non-traditional.


I confess to having abandoned my word (once again). I think picking a word for me is just too regimented. But I love the way you have discovered/found to "flow" with the natural rhythms of life - the way our ancestors did. I believe that is so much healthier than going with what's on planners/calendars/agendas. A good lesson Kym!


I wonder if I'm starting to struggle more now because I've gone to work every day and spent the entire summer outside and had some social. Now...inside, dark, no holiday plans or family around. Seems I'm going to need to adapt to the flow soon! Thanks for always, always giving us something to think about!


Very wise words Kym. Attending to natural rhythms is good for body, mind, and soul. The quote from the Buddha is lovely. I love how these words have carried us through a difficult year.


What a valuable lesson you've been able to get for yourself through all of this. You are an inspiration!


I've been thinking a lot lately about how our words have accompanied us this year. None of us had any idea where we'd go and we found meaning and purpose in these bizarre times BECAUSE of our words. (and sometimes IN SPITE OF?) anyway, 2020 has recommitted me to the power of OLW. and I'm grateful for what I've learned from mine (still processing!) and from others. Thank you!


Vicki makes a good point. Will we remember the lessons we learned from this year of pause and change and carry them into the "return to normal"? I love the way you have internalized the word "flow" and also listened to it flow around you. You couldn't have picked a better work (IMO) for 2020.

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