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Batten down the hatches . . . we've got a live one here!

Yep. Our past Read With Us selections* have run the gamut from memoir to historical fiction to books by authors of color. Good books, interesting books -- but this time . . .  Bonny and Carole and I looked to recent releases.

We looked at lists of books up for awards in 2020 this time, walking right into the Best-of 2020 lists. And we chose . . . 


Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam.

It turns out, all three of us had this book on our "to read" lists -- and according to Goodreads, it looks like a lot of you do, too.

It's one of those . . . rather chewy . . . books. Y'know. Lots to think about and digest. 
Climate change.
Overreliance on technology.

So. Nothing comfortable, then.
(Especially during a pandemic. But hey.)
But great for book groups! Apparently it's very well written (I haven't read it yet), with a storyline that sounds sort of reminiscent of Jordan Peele's Get Out. It was a finalist for the 2020 National Book Award. And . . . well. . . it's already in development for a Netflix series with Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts.

Lots of potential.
Certanly lots to discuss.

This book is getting a lot of buzz.
We want to check it out -- and we hope you'll join us for what looks like a really interesting read. 

One potential drawback: it's a new release, so there aren't really any "deals" out there if you're looking to purchase the book. It was recently released in paperback, though (about $17 on Amazon), and it's available for Kindle ($14.99). I've been on my library's hold-list for some weeks now, but I'm finally next-in-line.

We'll be talking more about the book and providing some background information in January. Mark your calendars now for our blog book discussions AND a Zoom discussion on Tuesday, March 2 (probably 6:30pm Eastern time).

C'mon along! 
Read with us!


Previous Read With Us book selections:

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I just heard about this book. - three times since Sunday! Off to check my library


I have so many questions and can't wait to discuss this one!


Enjoy your read-along. :-)


This sounds like a great choice! I just put myself on the hold list at the library!


I am on the hold list at my library! (Looks like it might be a while, so I'm grateful that there's time between your announcement and the discussion!)


I'm excited to discuss this one although I predict I will have forgotten why when March rolls around!


As I wrote on Bonny's post, this sounds and looks interesting to me, but the reviews on Amazon are not good! However, it is available from my library. I'm going to wait though to get it closer to discussion time!


Looking forward to it! :-)


Okay! Let’s go check the lib. holds!! Giddy-up.

kathy b

Your reading and book community is great. I am sticking to cartoons. Seriously I love a great comic series . I just finished a funny cat cartoon book.


When I saw this on the National Book Awards list I checked my library and found it immediately available and read it last month. There are many issues to discuss and I hope to make the zoom meetup!

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