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Hang On: Hope As Sacrifice

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"I'll be home for Christmas
    If only in my dreams"
        --- Johnny Mathis

By now, most of us are just sort of . . . resigned . . . to spending the holidays on our own. It's hard, sure. But I think we'll be able to gather again soon. And that gives me hope.

We just need to hang on a little bit longer!
(About three more months, as it turns out.)

As an Atlantic subscriber, I recieve a daily update in my inbox every evening. Last night's Atlantic update brought me Four December Don'ts - to help get us through the last weeks of this crappy year.

  1. Don't underestimate the current Covid surge. It's a nasty one -- and not going away yet. In fact, we're in record-breaking territory every day now. Deaths are currently 24% higher than they were at the peak of the outbreak last spring - and the numbers are not going down. Stay safe.
  2. Don't gather - wait until March. If we - and our loved ones - can stay healthy until spring, things will look much better. Vaccines will be rolling. Hospitals should be less crowded. Perhaps treatment protocols will have improved even more. The goal here should be to avoid contracting Covid entirely. (It's nasty business. It's a crap shoot. And no one knows yet what happens in the long term to those who DO contract it.)
  3. Don't self-isolate emotionally during end-of-year festivities. There are so many tech-tools we can use now to connect with our families and friends. Leverage their power! Set up or join in on Zoom calls. FaceTime with your friends. Use whatever tools you have available to connect!
  4. Don't skimp on holiday cheer. Get out your decorations. Turn on the twinkle lights. Play holiday music. Send cards. Bake cookies. It helps give us "anchor points" to holidays past -- and it triggers nostalgia and feelings of comfort. And that's what we need right now!

Bottom line?
Sometimes hope . . . looks like sacrifice.
(After all, if we had no hope, we wouldn't sacrifice for a future would we?)

"Hang on!
    Help is on its way."
        --- Little River Band


Best wishes for a weekend filled with peace and hope.


I've decided to take next week "off" here on the blog. I may pop in to wish you a Merry Christmas next Friday, but I don't plan to post otherwise. Have a great week -- and I'll see you again (I'm pretty sure) before the New Year.




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Cancelling Christmas took me awhile to wrap my head around, not seeing my out of state kids, well that's hard, but now I am OK with the decision. One thing I have noticed is that with Christmas being so low keyed this year, I am not stressed and plan on enjoying this holiday for what it does have to offer.....simplicity!
You have a wonderful week off and Happy Holidays.


We're planning a day of celebrating and hanging out together. I don't know if I can talk my friends into a Zoom meetup, but we have parkas and we could go for a walk along nearby trails. Being outdoors fill right this year (and while it's cold the snow impact is minimal, so far). Twinkle lights make me happy and I have them everywhere! Even the front door and back do decorations are twinkling. Have a lovely Holiday, Kym! I am so grateful to know you!


It's going to be quiet for sure but the decorations are joyful and there are a few virtual meet-ups planned. We may actually have the prettiest tree we've ever had this year. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. I was going to take the whole week of but there's nothing to do so I'll save a few days for the wonderful spring we've got ahead! xoxoxo


Happy Holidays Kym. Wishing you and Tom a joyful and peaceful holiday - enjoy!!


It's different but there is still joy. Yesterday I made toffee, so far today I have made peanut butter balls and I plan on ginger cookies after my 2pm meeting. I miss doing this with Doreen but I've also realized it goes faster when I'm on my own and not distracted with chit chat . . . and wine!


Wishing you and Tom all the peace and joy of the season and the hope that 2021 will be the year of healing both in health terms and in political terms.

Merry Christmas, Kym.


While there are things I miss (mostly people!), this year's minimal holidays have shown me what is really important, and it's definitely not the gifts, decorations, cookies, or other trappings. Sure, all of those are fine for lifting your spirits, but it's the love that matters most. And since we all need to stay healthy until we can see each other, I feel a tiny bit better knowing we are missing each other now for the best reason in the future. Hope you and Tom have a wonderful Solstice, Christmas, and whatever else you might celebrate before you're back to blog!


I will be having a small dinner for the five of us in our family bubble and we will zoom with the rest of the family. I miss the music and concerts. I usually sing with the university choir as well as my church choir...I even miss all those rehearsals! I hope you have a wonderful week, Kym!

Caffeine Girl

Those are all great points.
Which begs this question: Why does my school district want to reopen in January!!!


Very good advice. I wish you and Tom the best of this quiet season. A friend of mine works in an employee health division of a local hospital. She got her first Covid vaccination this week. Now that is a ray of hope. Stay warm and well.

kathy b

A great post. The vaccines are giving us hope. But, as you say, the pandemic is raging here in our state, Wisconsin and so many others. WE shall be just two here with the cats for Christmas. But we are all safe be it Oklahoma , here, or Mexico. Wont spring be wonderful if people comply?
Happy Merry Christmas. May it be sweet in its own way.


We'll have a quiet holiday here, but we'll be OK. These are good suggestions.

Have a very happy Christmas, Kym!


Hope as sacrifice but it overflows with love. And that is exactly what Christmas is all about. I am thankful that I have a safe place to be, that my kids have safe places to be... and that technology is part of our lives!


Often I feel a little sad that I don't get to celebrate Christmas, but this year I'm thankful that I don't have to feel disappointed. Of course, I am disappointed that we aren't getting our annual trip to Florida, but our time off from work and school isn't canceled, and we can still enjoy each other's company!


Wonderful suggestions and a pleasure to read. Yes, it is hard to think of the holiday, without family.
However, it is nice to hold on to hope that things will be much different in 2021, at some point. I am grateful for each day! Merry Christmas! LynnIL


Wishing you comfort & joy, Kym! xo

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