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Around here, in my little corner of the world, it's All-Hat-Knitting-All-The-Time these days. (Because . . . apparently, for me, nothing says "I love you" quite like a hand knit hat for the holidays.) I am really cranking out the hats right now. But since they are gifts for people who for the most part do not even glance at my blog, but every once in a while surprise me by acknowledging that they do occasionally take a peek, I am hesitant to ruin my surprise by revealing too much. (As if they'd be surprised by receiving Yet Another Hat for Christmas.)



I thought it might be fun to throw some hints out there with a little guessing game. Let's play . . .  Match-the-Hat-With-the-Recipient!

The Contenders:
(and these are Ravelry links, by the way; I'm sorry, but to play you'll have to look them up yourselves; I felt like it would be too much of a hint to include a photo of the various hats . . . just in case, y'know . . . someone happened to be peeking in today).

First up, we've got Shear . . . a very interesting graphic design by Emily Greene. This is a great unisex hat that knits up quite quickly in DK yarn.

Next, we've got Gault . . . a cool textured design by Jared Flood. This is another unisex hat that uses DK yarn. Fun to knit, for sure.

And we've got Windschief . . . a hat with interesting lines by Stephen West. Yep, another unisex hat.  This one knits up really fast in worsted weight yarn.

Last, we've got Shiftalong . . . Andrea Mowry's fun hat based on her other "Shifty" designs (Night Shift, Shifty, etc.). This one isn't quite so unisex, but there's no reason it couldn't be.

The Recipients:
(all wearing previous hand knit hats, naturally. . . )

My daughter Erin and her husband Keith.


My son Brian and his wife Lauren.

IMG_7509 2

(These photos are from our family curling outing last Christmas.) (Such carefree fun. Sigh.)


Which hat for which recipient?

Take a guess!

(And if anyone actually guesses all four correctly, I'll think of some sort of prize!)




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Okay, I'll take a stab at it. I think Shear for Lauren, Gault for Keith, Windschief for Brian, and Shiftalong for Erin. How'd I do?


I definitely think Shiftalong for Erin, but no guesses on the others. Fun!! And what fun patterns too Kym.


I knit Windschief for the kiddos a few years ago -- cool hat. They're all cool!!

Here's how I think it goes: Shear for Lauren, Gault for Brian, Windschief for Erin, and Shiftalong for Keith.

(What fun!)


I love that you had a family curling outing! Do you have to reserve private rink time?


My guesses are Shiftalong for Erin, Shear for Keith, Gault for Brian, and Windschief for Lauren. Like Vera, I feel pretty definite about Shiftalong for Erin; it just looks like a hat I imagine she might like (despite never having met her)! Looking forward to seeing the hats!


I have NO idea on any of them ... except that I wish Shiftalong were for me!!


I am with Mary in wishing that Shiftalong was for me too! (but as for the rest... I think Carole probably pegged them all correctly!)

And those photos... oh boy, it seems like another world!


Shear - Lauren
Gault - Brian
Windschief - Keith
Shiftalong - Erin

Okay - how'd I do?????? LOL

Happy knitting.


I'm guessing Shiftalong for Erin, Shear for Lauren, Windschief for Keith, Shear for Brian. Totally guessing! No matter who is getting what, they're all great hats and I hope will be appreciated!


I'd guess Shear for Erin, Gault for Keith, Windschief for Brian and Shiftalong for Lauren. Great patterns -- one and all. Nothing like handknit goodness to keep them warm!


Gault - Keith, Windhschief - Brian, Shear - Erin, Shift - Lauren. You're inspiring me...I've finished a sweater this morning and have two kitchener toes left on my socks...maybe a hat should be next!


Shear for Erin, Shiftalong for Lauren, Gault for Keith, and Windchief for Brian. Everyone is going to be happy with their hats no matter how it comes down!

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