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Can't Help Myself

Looking for something super quick and easy to knit???

That will also keep you (or someone you love) warm and toasty???

And - as an added benefit - will tame your "pandemic hair" or that (un)timely decision to grow out your bangs???


Look no further! I've got you covered!


(It's even a free pattern.)

This is the aptly-named "headband with a twist" by Mirella Moments. (The free pattern is available on their website, here.) It takes just a tiny bit of yarn, a tiny bit of your time, and - for those of you who hate to purl - it's a basic one-color brioche stitch (or English rib if the words "brioche stitch" stop you dead in your tracks), which means . . . ribbing but NO purling! (And super easy to do.)

This is a perfect thing for me right now. (Because we have reached the bangs-growing-out stage where I need a paper bag otherwise. . . ) I'm definitely going to be knitting up a few more. . . 

'Cause sugar pie, honey bunch
(Sugar pie, honey bunch)
You know that I'm weak for you 
(Weak for you)
Can't help myself
I love you and nobody else

Ravelry details here.


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Thanks for this - I need an alternative to hats to keep my ears warm


That is perfect! (and even more perfect for the Bang Growing Out Blues!)


I love these hat-alternatives...they change up my 'didn't wash my hair. again.' look!


I think I might need one of these! My ears were cold when I walked this morning but I don't like to wear hats while walking because I quickly end up sweating. And English rib sounds so much less scary than brioche!


Nice work Kym! Those things don't work for me at all (I'm sooooooo headwear challenged ha,ha) but you I can see why you want to...bang out a few more. :-) xoxo


Oh, I love that! Thank you for sharing!


I’m knitting headbands too, using the pattern Frida. I’ll be making a couple for Christmas gifts.


Oooooooooooooooo....a very pretty ear snuggie!

I feel your pain with the growing out hair. Hair clips *would* be my friend, but my hair is so slippery, they slide right out. I may try that pattern. It sure is lovely.

I have to admit, I did almost stop reading at the word brioche. ;-)


That's so cute - I bet Hannah would love one. And it will work for those of us without bangs, too!


That is cute and looks like it would be easy to adjust the size...I have a big noggin!


Adorable!! Love the little twist to it.


My Pandemic Hair requires a whole hat (which I just completed as a matter of fact) -BUT this headband sounds like a great way to dip my toe - warily - into brioche. I took a brioche class once (with Nancy Marchant herself - what a nice lady) but it never “took”. But as you said this is a tiny project. Maybe it’s worth another try. Thanks, Kym!


It looks so cute on you! I may need to make one of these -- on the nicer days lately when I go out to walk, I start with a hat on but soon get too warm, but my ears are still cold.


Cool! I love that and it looks great! I don't wear hats but my ears like to be warm, and this would work great with my ponytail!


What a great idea. Sometimes a small quick project is just the ticket. I'll give you a round of applause for growing out your bangs. I tried to keep on with the longer hair but I'm too used to short short. Hang in there with those bangs. Sometimes it is the worst is right before they reach the desired length.


I could use that to not only tame my hair but to keep my ears extra warm during the dog walking times.

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