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What a Weekend!

Was that EVER a weekend, huh???

But now, it's Monday.

Time to . . . 


On Mondays I share a few tidbits and miscellaneous things I discovered over the weekend. A little of this, some of that. Things to amuse, amaze, entertain, or inform. Maybe even something to rev you up! (As if we NEED any rev-ing THIS week. . . )

So. Let's get to it!


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
            --- Margaret Mead


That quote has been hanging with me for days now. Margaret Mead's words started bubbling up in my brain on about . . . oh, day 2 of Election Purgatory. And they just got louder and louder all weekend. Until it became so clear . . . that truer words were never spoken!




Now what?


I have a few suggestions for you:

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is by making a donation to Fair Fight, Stacey Abrams' organization. Check out Fair Fight's website to learn all about the organization and what they're doing. We've certainly seen the results of their work -- now let's help Stacey organize for the Senate run-off races in Georgia  -- and then move her message to the rest of the nation!

Write Some Postcards! Get involved with the Georgia Senate runoff races from the comfort of your own desk. All you need to do . . . is sign up here -- at Vote Forward. Get your pens and your postcards ready! Let's do what we can to encourage the vote and shift the balance in the Senate.

Follow the News . . . Not the Noise. In the early days of the pandemic, I started following Jessica Yellin, former White House Correspondent for CNN, on Instagram. She quickly became my "go to" news source -- she carefully sifts through the noise to find the news. She continued to be my most trusted source throughout the election. Check her out! She is GREAT. Really. You can just follow her on Instagram to access her excellent reporting -- or, if you like what she's doing, you can support her through Patreon, too, and get even more of her in-depth stories and interviews.

Become a poll worker/election inspector in your community! Do your part to make future elections fair and accessible. It's interesting work, kinda fun, and . . . well . . . let's just say it's never dull! Click here for more information -- or contact your local city or county clerk's office for more specific requirements and needs in your community.



President-elect Joe Biden (oh, how it pleases me to string those words together!) declared on Saturday night in his first speech to the American people, “This is the time to heal in America.” A good way to begin doing that . . . is to remember and revisit the things that make our country great!

Maybe . . . check out the Fifty project of The Atlantic, where they are showcasing photos from each state -- adding one state each week through 2020. Maybe . . . pick a random red state . . . and take a good look at the wonder and the beauty that is there, in this wonderful country of ours.

There is much to celebrate. 
There is also much to heal.
Let's start . . . somewhere.


And . . . that's it for me on this Monday morning. 

Here's to a good week for all of us.
Keep moving!




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I saw a beautiful video over the weekend, ( it reminds me very much of your statement to look at what a beautiful land we have. Yes, yes we do!

Happy Monday!


Yes to Fair Fight and Vote Forward! The Biden/Harris team will have a much easier time of accomplishing good things without Mitch McConnell blocking their way, so I hope we can make it happen!


Amen! It is time to heal for sure.


Thanks for your great suggestions! I love "Fifty"!!


The Atlantic--what a neat way to begin healing. (And when we can *actually* visit those states again, I highly recommend it! We had such positive experiences in both TX and SD a few years ago...really shifted my biases....) And thank you for the postcard link for GA--I'm on it!! Here's to a New Week.

Nancy Davis

I'm still counting absentee ballots in Carson City, Nevada. We've been working on them since October 19th. We will finish up our county on Thursday. Like you said, it is very interesting work and never dull.


Oh, how I hope we can heal! So much damage has been done the past four years, and it really speaks to how much healing and hope is needed that so many people turned out to vote (have you seen some of the unreal numbers from Native American voters?). I still have postcards and will be signing up to send them out to Georgia voters ahead of the Senate run-off election!


I'm ALL IN for healing! We have to talk to each other and find common ground.


I want to thank you for your Monday suggestions! I have followed through with many of them and I am the richer for it. The Mary Sue has been a particular favorite. I, too, am so happy to say President Elect Joe Biden. What a wild ride this has been. Keep blogging--I really look forward to your words.


Got my postcards and stamps ready to go! and thank you for the Jessica Yellin link.


Thanks for the reminder about Vote Forward. I sent a bundle of letters off on their mailing day in October - some to Michigan even. I'm happy to write again. And it's time to heal. Amen. I am tired of what divides us. Let's roll up our sleeves and get started.

Kathy Boyer

Agreed agreed agreed!! Wrote lots of postcards for the campaign for Senate in different states. I hope it will make a difference in Georgia.


Such a wonderful collection of interesting things to read. Thank you so much for sharing these. I love that I always learn so much when I come here to read. Thank you. I am so glad that the election outcome was what you wanted, it is time to heal indeed. We are so happy with the outcome here too.


One good thing happened in Utah on Sunday and IMO it is because the direction of the election. Our governor actually passed a mask mandate. Blew us away! I am so grateful. People in my neighborhood are wearing them even on the trail. My family? Not so much. Thank you for your blog rich in information purpose!

Kathy Boyer

I really want to check out the STATES and their highlights!!! Thanks


Catching up on blogs. Thank you for being a poll worker! I have done it in the past but didn't want to risk Smokey's and my health this year. Last Saturday's outcome was such a relief! Smokey said he is sleeping better now.

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