On Muscle Memory . . . and Hope
Into the Fire

Jump Start

Okay, friends. It's Monday. Time to . . . 


But. You know what? 

This week? I kinda . . . got pretty much nothin'. 

(In fact, I could use a good jump start myself.)

So while I'm usually . . . let's just say. . . a lot more together.  This week? Well. This week I'm merely attempting to cobble things together as best I can and hope for the best.


"We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy."
            -- Winston Churchill to the Canadian House of Commons, December 30, 1941


Yes. We're a tough bunch of badasses. Non?


But . . . 

Try as I might . . . to NOT pay attention to the news this week (because it's only polling guesses - and we know how unreliable and meaningless THAT is) . . . I failed Yesterday morning I caved.
I looked at the headlines. 

Mistake. MISTAKE!
(May Day! May Day!)

I death-spriraled myself into a near-catatonic state.
(And it was especially dangerous because it was also snowing at the time.)
I ended up drinking too much coffee, too -- with no food to balance it out. So there I was. Jittery. Depressed. Deep in full-on Election Despair. And looking forward to my pre-dinner cocktail . . . at 10:30 am. (And even factoring in the time change, that is Never Good.)

Things were looking Very Bleak, Indeed.

Eventually, I hauled my (very sorry) ass up to my meditation cushion . . . and I listened to this. (Which is not a meditation at all, but a talk.) It's about facing fear with compassion. By Elizabeth Gilbert. (Yeah. That Elizabeth Gilbert.) And, friends? It helped. In fact, it made me cry. Her talk is about facing fear with compassion . . . for yourSELF. Her voice is soothing and reassuring, full of love. She quotes Winston Churchill (the quote I included above). I'm glad I listened.

I'm telling you about this . . . 
because maybe you found yourself in similar dire straits over the weekend.
Or maybe you'll find yourself there today.
Or tomorrow.
And maybe it will help you, too.
(So click in to that link if you need a boost.)

I'm feeling better now.
(Although it wouldn't take much to set me off again.)

Let's just hang in there and support each other.



One more thing. . .

I found this article helpful for some much-needed perspective when it comes to interpreting election results as they filter in. We aren't likely going to know the results on November 3 (unfortunately). I know you know this . . . but the article brings provides some much-needed grounding, and a sense of what we may experience.


Hang in there, everyone.

Just. . . hang in there.


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Kym, this post spoke to me!!!!! I am so anxious about the election tomorrow that I woke today, turned on the news and thought "I am going to need ETOH tomorrow to get through this high risk, crazy election". The only thing keeping me from the booze cabinet is, I want to be stone sober to see trump loose!!!! plus, I don't want to break any bones from jumping up and down at his defeat! I am hoping to fly my flag (first time since that awful November day in 2016) by Thursday morning. A little Elizabeth Gilbert will be good for me today, thank you.


I've been doing much better ignoring the news; it was much easier last week without a computer. It is dangerous to fall into the vortex of polls, pundit opinions, and uneducated guesses. I've also been there, thinking about a drink far too early, so I started meditating twice/day instead of once. It's helped and I look forward to listening to Elizabeth Gilbert (and Winston Churchill). Hang in there, keep your head up, and keep moving!


It sounds like you ended up right where you needed to be, on that cushion with Liz. (And your comment about 10:30 gave me a really good and relatable laugh.) I think I'll tune in to your link on Wednesday. Because I know I'll need it even more by then!


I was going to send this to you yesterday....now I know I should have: Heather Cox Richardson's post from 10/31 on Hope:


Oh boy. I hear you. The thing that is getting me through today...breathe. Just breathe. Sounds simple, but boy it sometimes takes all my effort.

I am okay about the time it will take to count all the votes. My concern is a certain someone's not wanting to take any time at all to count them. I am with Carolyn... I think the real hurdle comes on the 4th.

(oh, and that 10:30 am cocktail? My father-in-law always said it's five o'clock somewhere... lol)

Be well, my friend! XO


I'm in the same boat, my anxiety is at an all time high. I've decided to go on a news "black out". I don't want to read, watch, or listen to the news right now and maybe for several days beyond the election.
I've been meditating/praying, reading, exercising, and working on crafty projects. I am going to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert, it sounds like something I need to hear. Wishing you well!


Thanks for those links! Luckily, I had lots of distraction over the weekend and a few things to keep me occupied this week.


Things seem to be converging on me creating an absolute state of despair over the weekend. It was only bolstered by an impromptu gathering at my brother’s beach cottage for take out and watching the moon rise. By yesterday I was back to miserable. I’m trying to avoid the news but my husband while not a news junkie is more involved than I would like. I keep thinking what will happen in this pandemic if the horrible man wins. How many more people will be infected leaving them with long term conditions? How many people will die?
I will listen to a some Elizabeth to calm my nerves! Thank you.


I am so sorry you had that downward spiral yesterday. I can just picture it and it breaks my heart. Next time just text me! But anyway, thank you for the meditation link. I will definitely listen to that one.


I am so thankful to you and everyone else posting links to ways to help deal with the stress of this week. It's all so useful and so appreciated. I think I've come to grips with not knowing an outcome tomorrow night, and I'm okay with that -- as anxious as I am to have this thing over, I want to make sure that every single vote is counted! And at least I know that when the polls close tomorrow, it's over, even with the wait.


Thank you so much for the link -- I shall listen this afternoon. I also caved, broke my self-imposed news ban, and turned on the morning news today. Now I can't get myself back on track. The final straw was him talking about firing Dr. Fauci after the election. Like everyone else I talk to, I just don't understand any of this. I used to have a boss who always said to never try to make sense of craziness. I've been reminding myself of that for weeks. There have been dark days before and there will be dark days again, but no matter how we feel right now we cannot despair.


I just want it to be over.


You are all in my thoughts right now as you wait for the results. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to just want to know, but also for it to be right, just and fair. Such a difficult time amidst a pandemic too. I hope you can find distractions, if not cocktails at 10.30am. I love what Kat said about her FiL it is always 5 o'clock somewhere!


I've been listening to Ten Percent Happier app and their Election Sanity Challenge. It's been SO helpful and quite fun as I only had to participate for 5 days to get a badge. (A little incentive to meditate never hurts). On Wednesday (tomorrow) they have more help coming as we start to deal with the aftermath of what happened (or will be happening in the days to come). I'm sure I can use many "boosts" over the next few days (or weeks). Thanks, Kym!

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