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Good morning!

By the time your read this post, I'll be well and busy at precinct 10 looking pretty much like this . . . 

IMG_1399 2

Yep. It's The Look for election workers this year! (Complete wth fogged glasses.)

I spent the day yesterday processing absentee ballots (not counting yet . . . just slicing them open and making sure the ballot numbers matched). Today, though, I'm heading directly into the fire . . . to work in a busy polling place.

It's riskier this year, for sure . . . what with Covid and angry people and all. I considered bailing for this go-round. But . . . I didn't. Because this work is important and vital and, well, sometimes you just have to channel all those people who did hard things to make voting possible for disenfranchised people throughout our country's history.

Hang in there, friends.
The voting system is strong and secure -- and there are lots of committed people working today to make sure that is so.

I'm glad to be one of them!



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Precinct 10 is in good hands! Stay safe and healthy, Kym.


Kym, thanks for doing this. You are an awesome badass!


You're a super trooper! Stay safe.


You are a hero, Kym! Thank you for putting yourself at risk (no joke!) to make sure all the votes are counted!


Thank you.


Thanks for being there.
We do not have in person voting in our state but I know the libraries have cancelled pick up for today because that is where many of the drop off boxes are located.


God Bless You! Be safe and thank you .


THANK YOU!!!!! BE SAFE & BE WELL. I do hope you get bowled over by a Blue Wave, but that would be most welcome.


Wow! You are amazing, I do hope your are able to stay safe and the day goes without mishap. You are right that your work is so important, a right to vote is one to to hold onto and some folks have had to fight to get that right.


I'm so proud of you! And thank you for the reminder of the strength and security of our voting system, that helps a LOT.


Thinking about you and all my US friends who have so much invested in a win for Biden. Take care x


Thank you! stay safe and good luck!!

Antigoni Christodoulou

Best of luck and stay safe!!!!
Antigoni from Ottawa,Canada


Thank you for your service Kym. We vote by mail here in Oregon and I've never loved it more than this year. Stay safe. See you on the flip side with hopefully a beautiful new day welcoming us.


Thank you for doing this important work!


Thank you, Kym! You are putting your money where your mouth is. I have friends who live in a state where they have had to combine precincts because there were not enough election volunteers. We early-voted in our battleground state and were so encouraged by how smooth, orderly and peaceful the process was. Very grateful for that.


Kudos to you! Thank you for doing your part


Thank you, Thank you. I hope you arrived home this evening safe and sound. And the fogged glasses - oh so so real. ;-)

kathy b

KYM, Thank you !! i feel better already. I like to think the system is good. And knowing you know it, makes me feel good right now.

Helen Mathey-Horn

Thank you for your service!


Thank you. In Washington it's all by mail. I used to say I missed going to the polls (I've never in my life waited longer than 5 minutes to vote) but not this year.


I thought about you & Kat working the polls yesterday, and I'm on pins & needles here as the MI numbers show a narrow lead at this moment. Thinking of you...and thank you...and love that choice of sweater. I feel like I need to sit under a grow light right now.


Thank you for doing the hard work it takes to make our democracy strong and true. Hopefully, your long day went well and you are able to relax today. Fingers are crossed for a good outcome!


Our voting system does work! (despite what uninformed people might think!) and GO YOU with all your covid-gear! (I am so sad to say that I had few mask wearers visiting the polls, PA - outside of the City of Pittsburgh, is so darned red...)

But YAY MI for turning BLUE!


You have been very much in my thoughts as we wait for the Michigan vote to be confirmed. I’m trying not to think about the ultimate result, don’t want to jinx it. Hugs x

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