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A Different Kind of Holiday

A Little Riff . . . Sound of Music Style

Things got you down?
Me, too.
Let's take some advice from Maria . . . as the thunderstorms rumble around us . . . 
Let's SING!


blue and white dishes
things in grid patterns


warm woolen everything


knits that look great from their back side as well

. . . these are a few of my favorite things!


when the Trump tweets
when the pandemic bites
when I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things . . .
and then I don't feel . . . 
so bad!


This is the Pressed Flowers shawl, finished and with some modifications. If you're interested in more information (and, I promise, no more strangled lyrics) you can click here for Ravelry details and more photos.


(And, yep. That is my current full-on-pandemic hairdo. Because if you can't grow out you bangs during a pandemic, when CAN you grow them out???)


It's not too late to join the book discussions for The Women of Brewster Place! Bonny and Carole and I each posted questions yesterday. We'd love to hear what you think.



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Oh, Kym... that is GORGEOUS! I love your color choice! It looks so warm and squishy! (and I confess... I hummed along and your lyrics worked perfectly! But WHEN THE TRUMP TWEETS... omgosh... I died!)


Your Pressed Flowers shawl is one of my favorite things, and your modifications make it so much better! It looks just perfect (even with growing out bangs).


Oooooooooooo...that shawl looks so snuggly! You look beautiful in it!

P.S. I'm in the midst of bangs-grow-out too. Those snappy barettes are my friend! LOL


That is just stunning and you look SO happy to have it finished! Good job on those lyrics, too, I particularly liked knits that look great from their back side as well! LOL


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I love how that turned out, Kym!!


Beautiful shawl!
I started growing out my bangs last January. Now that they are completely grown out, I’m considering cutting them again. I may need an intervention.


Absolutely stunning Kym! I've been waiting to see it. I think that will go very high on my list for the future.


Wow! Didn't even looked knitted till the close ups, and the cables peeking out from underneath it?? ~swoon


That shawl! Wow. It actually looked WOVEN to me! Congrats on a fab-u-lous project!!


Wow! That is gorgeous and the colors are great! Hope you enjoy wearing it!


It is perfection!

Julia In KW

That border really makes that shawl! I like mosaic knitting and was drawn to the pattern, but your version looks complete! And pandemic times means my husband finally can grow a beard and my hair just keeps getting longer, even with me cutting it occasionally! Lovely post!


Love the shawl!


Wow! Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous, the colours you have chosen are perfect and totally what I would choose too.


Just lovely! The color is just perfect and I love all the little "flowers"!


Beautiful shawl and I am singing along at home because once a long time ago, The Sound of Music was one of my favorite things. I do love the blue and white combination.

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