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On Knitting With Precision. Or Not.

There are some knitting projects that are just more . . . forgiving . . . than others. Projects where you can figure out ways to "fix" or "modify" your goofs so you don't need to "knit backwards" or rip back or -- (heaven forbid) --  unravel altogether.

And then there are projects that require precision.

Like . . . this one, say.


It's not a difficult pattern to knit. It's super simple to memorize -- and "read" (once you've done a repeat or two). But it does require precision. As in . . . any mistake will stick out like a sore thumb and drive you mad. 

Trust me.
I know!

I have knit back on more rows of this thing than I can count. (Mostly because . . . I can't count, apparently.) (And I'm also apparently particularly challenged about remembering the simple increase-on-every-right-side-row thing.)

This is not a forgiving pattern. Perfection is paramount. (And I'm not particularly into perfection.)

Yet I will soldier on. Because this . . . 


flower/grid/high-contrast combination just . . . tickles me!

Besides. I have plenty of "explanations" for when my knitting focus goes off the rails like this:

News anxiety
Pandemic fog
Captivating TV
All of the above

But, as of last night, I have a new one: mercury retrograde! Yes. Mercury is retrograde again. Which really doesn't mean much . . . except that you can blame pretty much anything* on it. 

And I will!

*(Except politics. We know just who to blame there.)


How about you? What are you making these days? And do you find yourself less focused? (Or is it just me. . . )

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I have a BONUS for you this week!


For some reason that I can't pin down (pick any of the "explanations" from my list above, even if mercury wasn't retrograde), I seem to have subscribed TWICE to Making magazine. Which means . . . I have duplicate copies of the last two issues: No. 9 Simple and No. 10 Intricate, which just arrived yesterday in my mailbox.  I would like to share! If you're interested in a copy of either issue (or even both), just let me know in the comments and I'll draw a name out of a hat next Tuesday.


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that is the most outstanding pattern ever!!!! I really really love it....precision demanding or not. And I would love to be in the drawing for a Make....for some reason, I failed to renew my subscription, but always love the inspiration there. Thanks for the chance to win.


I soooooo want to knit that pattern. I may treat myself after the New Year. Your piece is lovely! I'm going to pass on the books...I've got a few and unfortunately they seem to sit. (Maybe that retirement thing will put them to better use!)


First, that shawl is going to be lovely and yes, I would love to be in the draw, thanks


The shawl will be amazing when it's done, but I know exactly how much attention mosaic knitting requires -- and thus far I've only managed to do dishcloths! I do like the look of the shawl, though. Maybe someday I'll feel up to something that big!

Please include me in the drawing!


I am not a big fan of knitting with precision, but that pattern and your shawl are so lovely that I wonder if I could be. I've even thought about what colors might use. When/if I progress to ordering yarn I'll let you know!
I would love to be in the drawing for No. 9 Simple. Thanks!


Oh my gosh that shawl is gorgeous! Wasn't/Isn't Kay from MDK knitting that as well? Tempting, but I think if I try mosiac I need to start tiny!! LOL about subscribing twice to Making. I did the same thing with another magazine the other year. I'd love to be in the draw - thanks!

Caffeine Girl

I've occasionally picked up two copies of a magazine, so I know the feeling!
I definitely am not up for a pattern that is unforgiving. My mind is scattered these days!


I'm all for blaming Mercury Retrograde for everything from now until November 3rd - and let's hope when it ends it ends with great news giving that's Election Day. I love your knitting and I'd love those copies of Making, too.


I just finished reading Ride the Plow ... yesterday and have a new-found interest in astrology ;-) I'm pretty sure All the Things (well, except THAT one) can totally be explained. I do hope you stick with that shawl. I love your colors ... and have to admit, I'm not sure I have the concentration to knit it myself these days. (my Making arrived today and I cannot wait to look over the projects ... for sure I won't be tackling anything Intricate until 2021 though!)


That pattern! Oh my! I am in love with how it looks as well! Hmmm... that might be the perfect "diversion" from that damned list, lol.

And this Making... is full of all sorts of things I want to make!!


I'd like to be in the draw. I like that pattern so much--but that's a lot of yarn (meaning--a lot of work!). I bet it will be very warm though.

Denise Fryzek

Isn’t it grand to make something so beautiful. Your shawl is cheerful which is much needed these days, thanks for sharing it.
I love MAKING magazine. Send it my way if you can. I have the black and white issue and am making Michel for my daughter for Christmas. Am about half way done. She’s 25 and thin like the model.
Take care,


I like your list. That shawl will be so worth your effort. The colors are so nice together. I'll pass on the magazines. Mercury retrograde - I'm all for another excuse for a shorter attention span.


Some days I can focus. Some days .... well, not so much. Some day every project makes me happy. Some days it is a rip back fest.

I'm takin' the days just as they come.

I'd love to be a winner of the magazine. :-)


I subscribe but if anyone who doesn't subscribe hasn't asked to be included in your drawing, they should get back here right now! My absolute favorite magazine. I love that sewing and other crafts that are included besides knitting. Even though I've only made one non-knitting project, I'm always inspired!


I would love a copy of one or both, if you are happy to send to Aus.


Love your shawl, even though there is not a drop of red in it. Somehow that particular navy together with that burst of white, just sings. I am having my own multiple rip-outs these days so I feel your pain. It’s all about the final product, right...right?

Kim in Canada

Mercury is in retrograde? That explains a lot. Your garden is so lush this year, Kym, it’s been a pleasure to have a peek at it. We moved this year and brought a few well-loved perennials with us but mostly spent the season watching the change in the light to help plan for next spring. Amy’s patterns always catch my eye but this one I will enjoy from the sidelines! It will be worth it in the end, no doubt. Thanks for the offer to share your double subscription with a draw- I’d like my name put in for No. 9 please. Happy Fall!


I love that shawl -- it looks so cozy! I have two... oops, THREE projects to finish before I can even think about starting something new!! Soon, though.


I love the look of the shawl and the colors you chose. Your knitting skills are so impressive; I keep looking back at the bunnies and the adorable outfits you knit for them! I am trying to complete all my UFO's before casting on another project but I would love a copy of either or both Making magazines. You are so sweet to share!


That's the sort of pattern I just wouldn't be able to knit as I would make no progress. The reason could be anything you've named, but mainly my personality of imperfection would rule and I'd end up with a mess. You will prevail because it is so beautiful and I can see you'll love wearing it!

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