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Fall: It's Not So Bad

Every year, I whine and moan over summer ending. I hold on to the summer-feeling for as long as I can. (I'm still wearing flip flops most days. And I think a warm, wool sweater looks great with cut-off shorts.) (Don't you?)

But, eventually . . . I give in.

And then I remember how much I love fall!


I love watching the colors change.


I love sitting out on the patio . . . with Mr. Heater (*) and a glass of wine, covered up with a wool throw and reveling in the "fall" of it.


I love finding . . .  the unexpected . . . along familiar paths.


Fall . . . is pretty great.
I'm not even missing summer anymore.
(And . . . any day now . . . I'll break out the socks.)


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(*) The Story of Mr. Heater: A Special Bonus

Several years ago, I wanted to get a heater for our patio so we could extend the outdoor season and stay warm while enjoying our evening "cocktail hour" on the patio. I, of course, had one of those rather elegant tower-style heaters in mind. Y'know . . . the ones you see at outdoor restaurants or on the more put-together home decks and patios. Tom was quick to agree that a patio heater was a great idea -- and he volunteered to pick one up for me when he went to Lowe's.

He came home with . . . Mr. Heater.

NOT AT ALL what I had in mind. Mr. Heater . . . is designed for hunting camps, ice fishing shacks, pick-up pond hockey games. Absolutely functional. Totally portable. All you need is a propane tank! He keeps things toasty, for sure.

But . . . not the elegant tower-style patio heater I had in mind!

Several years later, Mr. Heater still accompanies us out on the patio (spring and fall). At this point, friends and family all know Mr. Heater. It's a good story. We get a lot of laughs. And Mr. Heater is a perfect example of how Tom (Mr. Function) and I (Ms. Form) . . . complement . . . each other. Every year, I plan to replace Mr. Heater with that elegant tower-style patio heater I originally wanted. And then I don't. 

Because Mr. Heater? Well . . . he's part of the family now.
(Besides, outdoor patio heaters are the new toilet paper when it comes to pandemic must-have items this fall.)




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I think Mr. Heater is kind of endearing! I bet those tall, elegant heaters don't come with names, and if I look closely, Mr. Heater even looks multilingual. Enjoy your time on the patio and resist the socks as long as possible!


Thanks to you & Tom & Mr. Heater for making me LAUGH!!!!!!


I kind of love your Mr. Heater, too! and you are so right about those "nice" towers being the new toilet paper. Thankfully, my neighbor (the one with the lovely backyard who hosts all of our social events these days) got hers two years ago ... she's getting her money's worth for sure!


Awwwwwwwwww....who wouldn't love Mr. Heater. Small, efficient and already on the scene!

Love the skeleton too. Apparently, a LOT of folks went skeleton shopping this year. LOL


I love your Mr. Heater. We do have those fancy tower style heaters, we've had them for a few years at this point. I sure hope they don't quit on us because I know they'd be impossible to replace right now! I like fall and I'm enjoying it. It's the dreaded what-comes-next that I'd like to avoid.


I do love Fall. All the colors. All the scents. The woolens. The hot drinks. And I think Mr. Heater is really cool! Ya know, if he does the job, that's all that matters! Plus, as Bonny said, he is (at least) bilingual! we may do a fire in the pit tonight!!


Our heater is Slim Shady. He's long and lean but not one bit elegant! He sure gets the job done though. Enjoy your cocktail hours...we're going to keep them going as long as possible!


I am chuckling over Mr. Heater... he is all kinds of awesome! :)

And YAY fall (it has been a OVER a week now with no AC, and I am absolutely doing the happy dance over that!)


Mr. Heater makes me smile. And the Mr. Form and Mrs. Function sounds like a familiar story. If he keeps you warm and extends your evenings that's the main thing. It's been warm enough here this week that we have a new round of some tiny gnat that bites. They have kept us from eating on the deck, the pesky creatures.

I love fall - it's my favorite season so gnats or not I plan to enjoy every day.


Our "patio heater" is a fire pit that we got for free when we had to use points from a credit card we canceled 10 years ago! :) Your Mr. Heater is awesome!

And someone usually has to pry my fingers away from my summer footwear and clothes too. I hate to see that season end.


I love your heater story! I love the Autumn, although I love all the seasons for their differences and what they bring, autumn is my favourite.


LOL your Mr. Heater story must be familiar to married couples everywhere. Glad this one causes more of a chuckle than a groan. (We all need those chuckles, so thanks!) I have always thought sweaters/sweatshirts with shorts were the perfect solution for fall weather. Yay for fall! (P.S. enlarged photo but couldn’t find any foreign language on Mr. Heater...??)


Mr. Heater makes me think of a clown nose a little, so certainly good for a laugh! I'm sure one day he'll need to retire and you'll finally get the fancy heater you've always wanted, but for now it's nice that he's keeping you warm and providing you will a little humor when you pull him out.


Our friends bought a fire pit earlier this year and we are all so grateful as you can't find anything to heat outdoors spaces right now (you are right about it being the new toilet paper). This autumn has meant so much to me and fortunately it has been a glorious and gorgeous year. We had smokey haze until yesterday when a storm blew in and cleared the skies. The mountains suddenly came into focus and the red/orange of the leaves was visible for the first time. The sky put on a show with violet and lavender clouds and the air was a crisps and clear as anyone could want. Mylo and I have enjoyed several long languorous walks each day. I feel spoiled by nature this year.

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