Allow Me To Introduce
A Pandemic Silver Lining Story

Did I Mention

. . . that the "bunny girls" have a brother?

They do.
A big brother.
And what do you knit for a sweet little boy who loves books and wrestling and Star Wars? The answer is Not A Bunny, for sure. But what???

Why . . . how about a dragon?

IMG_1197 2

I have a very clear memory of the last time I actually met a friend for coffee just before All Bets Were Off and coffee-dates became just another thing of the Before Times.  There we were, comfortably sipping and chatting and knitting and showing each other possibilities for future knits on our iPads . . . so casually, so lightly -- not at all imagining how much our lives would change the very next day (I digress) (but sometimes I'm just struck with how much things changed, y'know?).  Anyway, she had a brand-new grandson and had just knit a sweet bunny for him (this one). I shared my plan about knitting my own, different bunnies (these). I mentioned that I didn't know what to knit for the big brother, though, so we started brainstorming and looking things up on Ravelry with our iPads. 

And she found the little dragon pattern. 

IMG_1202 2

And it was Just The Thing!

(And here I am, 7 months later, finished with the very dragon we decided on that day.) (And all I can do is send her the photos.)

Isn't he just adorable?

IMG_1201 2

It's more "futsy knitting," for sure. But less futsy than the bunnies. Much quicker. (Plus . . . no wardrobe for a dragon.) (Thankfully.) Someday I may need to knit another dragon. For myself. Because he's awfully fun to have around, and I'll miss him when he's gone.


But not today!

(Click here for Ravelry details for my Little Dragon.)


How about you? What are you making this week?
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Oh my...I like that dragon! Here's to the Before Times...may we know them again one day.


I am glad that Ryan doesn't read knitting blogs because he would definitely want a dragon if he saw this adorable one! I may knit one for him, especially as he is less futsy than bunny knitting. And I should probably plan on two dragons because I want one, too!


He is so cute! He reminds me a little of Figment from Disney World/Disneyland, just greener!


I guess you developed some futsy knitting muscles from your bunny crafting experience! I like him. I actually like him! But doesn’t he “need” a backpack, a baseball cap, or other male accoutrement?? That way you can keep him around a little longer.:-)


P.S. Your Ravelry comment re overstuffing tail: Looks GREAT. That’s what gives him Personality!


He is adorable! That’s one lucky little boy.
I’m immersed in gnomes these days. I did a gnome KAL over the summer and it sparked my interest. My latest is a fall-themed gnome with his own mini pumpkins.


Oh.My.Goodness!! Is he ever cute!!


That has got to be the cutest dragon ever!! Too futsy for me, for sure. But so cute.


Damn I miss meeting friends for coffee. Sigh. But oh that dragon! It is just so stinking cute! I wonder if Jackie would like one . . .


I'm in LOVE with that little dragon!


Ooh he is adorable, you have just given me an idea too.......thank you! I love your word futsy, I can guess at its meaning, it is new to me ;) Yes before times is a good way of describing things it would be good to go back to then wouldn't it.


So flipping cute.


sigh ... I've almost forgotten what it's like to sit at a coffee shop and trade phones/ipads to see patterns/photos/etc. That dragon is AWESOME and I'm so glad he doesn't need clothes :-)


He is so, so cute! You need to give him a name.

kathy b

I know a grandmother of twin boys who needs to knit those dragons!


So now you can call yourself Kym, Knitter of Dragons! :-)


Oh, my, gosh! He is adorable! (and I think I need to knit one! LOL)


Squeeeeee he's so cute!


He is the most handsome green dragon I have ever seen!


What a cute little dragon. That little boy is going to love it. And in person coffee dates, sigh, I miss them. Virtual coffee dates are ok but not the same.

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