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Bunnies on the Catwalk

Brace yourselves.

It's Bunny Fashion Week!


Yes, friends. I'm finally finished with those damn charming and adorable little bunnies! I feel like it's been one long summer episode of Project Runway: Bunny Edition.

Let's join the "Little Buns" (as I've taken to calling them) as they hit the catwalk, modeling the newest looks for the bunny set.

IMG_0912 2

IMG_0913 2

IMG_0911 2

Fussy much? 

But really cute, non?

And soon on their way to (hopefully) make a couple of little girls I know . . . smile.

Glad I made them, now that they're finished. But I'm REALLY glad they're done, y'know?

IMG_0614 2


If you want more details (and more photos), you can check out my Ravelry project pages here (bunnies in the dotty dresses), here (textured dresses), here (top-down sweaters), and here (t-shirt dresses).


How about you? What are you making this week?




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Kat! Those little bunnies are all that and more! Well done you most patient knitter!


OMG, those bunnies are over the moon. I have a HUGE smile across my face.


Those bunnies are surely the most adorable things I will see today! And their wardrobes ... so fashionable (and extensive)! Those two little girls re very lucky indeed. (Now enjoy your non-bunny knitting.)


Oh WOW! Fabulous bunnies and they are adorable in their runway clothes. Better you than me...I don't have the patience for that kind of knitting, but darn they are cute!!


There is no knitting project ever that can top this! I don't know how you can send them away! You have made my day! xo


Those bunnies are really cute! I’m working on a baby sweater so smaller pieces than usual. Bunnies or socks may being myjnitting queue one day.


These were SO worth all the fuss -- they are incredibly adorable! I hope the recipients love them to pieces (well, not literally!). I'm working on a sweater for me and a hat for my kiddo, nothing nearly as cute!


They really are adorable! I have two great-nieces who would be delighted with bunnies like that. I am very tempted to make a pair in spite of the fussiness!


The bunnies are wonderful and their clothing line is spectacular. Bravo on a job well done.


Those are the most adorable bunnies I have ever seen and they have terrific fashion sense. Well done, you!

kim in oregon

Best post title ever. Plus love the bunbuns!


oh Kym, huge KUDOS on the cutest finishes ever! (and oh boy am I really glad I don't have any bunny-knit-worthy littles in my life ;-)

Kathy Boyer

Oh You are the second person I know, to make those darling bunnies. They are so cute. I think that animals and dolls are fiddly. I admire you all for the efforts!! They are really perfection


Oh.MY.WORD! Each outfit cuter than the last.

They are both runway ready and uber-adorable.


Those bunnies are beyond cute! The girls will have so much fun dressing and undressing these cuties. I’m thinking this would be perfect for the three year old granddaughter. By the time I finish them she will be almost 4 and a little more nimble fingered.


Oh. My. Goodness. Cuteness personified. I just want to squeeze them. How did you overcome intense impatience and frustration?? I'm afraid I would have thrown the whole batch of yarn in the Black Hole of Abandoned Projects.. You deserve a medal. (When I finish a project as consuming as that I feel like I've finally been let out of jail.)


Thanks for the smile this morning. Adorable!


Those bunnies are absolutely darling. I bet the two little girls will love them. I bet they were very fussy but so worth the effort. Your worksmanship is superb. I like the colors of their clothing and those cardigans. Oh my. They are the sweetest things.


They are so gorgeous! I do hope that they are well received and treasured by the two lucky girls who will receive these darling bunnies.


Honestly, I think you've outdone yourself with the bunnies! SO *bleeping* CUTE!!

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