Good Morning!
Did I Mention

Allow Me To Introduce

. . . my son, the Green Hat Guy!

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.54.48 PM

My son, Brian, has launched a business - Green Hat Woodworking - and I thought you all might be interested. Especially with the holidays coming up and all. . . 

Brian crafts handmade household items that are functional and beautiful . . . things like coaster sets, meat mallets, and fly fishing boxes. Also . . . 

Gorgeous trays (so great for keeping your jewelry - or little knitting tools - organized and close at hand).


Mancala boards (game night never looked so good).

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.57.11 PM

Cutting boards and cheese boards (they look too pretty to use, but trust me . . . they work hard in the kitchen).


Plant stands (I still haven't managed to get my hands on one of these - they sell out quickly).

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.56.01 PM

He does custom furniture and makes custom inlaid signs for businesses, too. He's been on the art fair/market circuit a bit this fall, and has recently set up an Etsy shop in addition to his website. It's always tough to get started in something like this -- but Brian is talented and his products are popular. He's off to a good start -- but always looking for new customers.

Check out his website
Follow @green.hat.guy on Instagram.
Visit his new Etsy shop.
See what catches your eye!
And get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 6.59.54 PM


AND . . . (drum roll) . . . BONUS!
Brian has given me a beautiful walnut cheese board to give away to one lucky Stepping Away From the Edge commenter!


(Size = 4 1/2" x 12")

Wouldn't this look great for your Friday night snacks???

All you need to do . . . is check out Brian's website or Etsy shop, and let me know in the comments what your favorite Green Hat product is. I'll choose a random winner next Monday!






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Karen Davis

Love the rectangular tray


I purchased a cutting board and some coasters from Brian this summer and I love them! I'm so glad he's having success with this, his creations are beautiful AND useful. I think the plant stands are my favorite, I'm hoping to score one at some point.


Lovely handmade items! I'm fond of that square tray ...


That plant stand is just stunning! Beautiful work!


Beautiful woodworking! I am particularly fond of that round tray. The color is wonderful. Maybe he could make yarn bowls 😊


My favorite is the doggie. But I'm guessing he's not part of the shop? ;-)

I love the round tray, and the cheese tray with the wire cutter. I can see why you want one of the plant stands as well! What lovely work he does.

I hope his business takes off and does well!


Wow they are beautiful. Much as I would love to win that fabulous cheese board I am in the UK which would make the postage prohibitive. I wish your son well with his new venture.


such talent..... the variety of wood is beautiful..... how can anyone pick just one favorite??


Everything is lovely, but my favorite is the stunning checkerboard walnut and cherry end grain cutting board.


Best wishes to Brian. All of his things are beautiful. I like the little bowl you showed up top, but I think the little red round bowl is stunning.

Seriously, EVERY piece was a work of art.

Wishing him a very successful holiday season.


What a talented man! It's a hard question....I'd have to say I'm partial to the mancala set as a gift (b.c it's one of our family's favorite cottage games). And those boards! The checkerboard...the dual color long one with the fruit and cheese in the photo... Yes, I'd have to say the boards. Better pre-order one of those plant stands, Kym!


I've been wanting a plant stand from Brian for several months (almost more than I want yarn)! I have looked at his website with gifts in mind, but to be honest, I want all of them for me. (I hope Tom has a fly fishing box!)


Congratulations to Brian -- his work is stunning! I have to see if mancala is still a thing for kiddo, because if so, I think one of his beautiful boards would be an excellent present for her this year!


Ooh...Brian uses beautiful wood. We don’t need a lot at this point in our lives but I love the tray and will keep it in mind. As much as I would love that cheeseboard, I have several so better it should go to someone else. Your son has evidently gotten his crafting talent from you, Kym. You are both perfectionists in this department. I plan on keeping up with him on Instagram.


Oh Kym, Brian's pieces are each a work of art. I love the plant stand and I wish my brothers were still into fly fishing - that's a great box for flies. A plant stand would be great for Colin & Mailing too (they have SO MANY plants - which I have been watering while they are away...). I've been following Brian on Instagram for a bit now - gorgeous things!! Wishing him so much success with his business. (And I agree that a yarn bowl is a great idea!)

Carolyn K

He's so talented! I definitely love the cheese board/cutting boards. I love the checkerboard design of the one in the picture above. I'm dreaming of a large cutting board. So pretty!

I favorited his Etsy shop, so I'll keep visiting :)


Beautiful work Brian! And truly the plant stands are amazing!


I'm a sucker for a cheese board, but those little trays look great. Could I convince my bf to use one in his newly decorated bedroom?


Good Luck to Brian! I love the little trays.


Wow, Kym, what a treat! Everything is beautiful! I do love a good (saturday night) snack board, and those coasters are perfect!


Brian is one talented woodworker. I love the little trays. All of the items are beautiful. I'm giving them some thought for holiday shopping.


Beautiful items but my favorite would be the plant stand!


Lately I have been finding things I never knew I always wanted - our trip to Africa was a big thing like that. One of those plant stands might be a lesser one. I know just where it'd go. Maybe you'll get one for Christmas, Kym?


Further to my first post. I have found that using a beautiful tool or household item makes the activity or task associated with that item that much more pleasurable. I have a tendency to leave my keys, oh, ... everywhere. But that beautiful square tray might give my keys a permanent home. I don’t see the tray in Brian’s Etsy shop. Is it possible to purchase it in some other way?


Hard to choose a favorite, all are so beautiful! Coasters and plant stand stand out for me!

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