A Pandemic Silver Lining Story
Now, More Than Ever

A Refreshing Reset: Who Doesn't Need That?

All week long I look for . . . 


And on Fridays, I report back.


On my quest to find hope, sometimes I find that hope . . . finds me.

A couple of weeks ago, an article in The New Yorker caught my eye. (This one.) I mean, the headline was just right up my alley, including intriguing phrases like "provocative botanical sculptures" and "flower punk." How could I resist? I skimmed quickly. . . but didn't fully read the article. It was about a documentary. And there was a 30 minute film involved. And who has time for that kind of thing in the middle of the day? (. . . she said as she scrolled through Instagram and then picked up Animal Crossings. . . )

So I bookmarked the article and moved on, planning to come back to it at some point.
But I didn't.
I forgot all about it . . . 

until last Sunday morning, when it showed up again in a "digest" post from The New Yorker. 

This time, I did read the article. And then I sat down and watched the 30-minute documentary. And then I watched it again.

Because, my friends, this documentary?  It's . . . HOPE.
And it found me!

The documentary, called Flower Punk, was created by filmmaker Alison Klayman. And as The New Yorker article claims, it is "delightful, and unexpectedly moving." Alison Klayman actually shot this film as a break from a full-length documentary she was working on about Steve Bannon and politics and breaking news. She said her work on Flower Punk provided "a refreshing reset" for her, and enabled her to be "surrounded by and contemplating beauty" after all that darkness (that is Steve Bannon).

If creating this film provided a "refreshing reset" for Alison Klayman in that situation, imagine what watching it might do for you!

I found so much hope and beauty in this short film. For me, it is the perfect intersection of art, the magic of flowers, passion, and growth. And isn't that hope, in a nutshell?

I don't expect you to sit and watch this film right now (because 30 minutes), but I do encourage you to watch it at some point in the next few days. Maybe the next time you feel like picking up your phone to check the news or a social media feed (or that damn Animal Crossings game), watch this instead.

Let hope find you.
Give yourself a refreshing reset!


My best wishes to all of you . . . for a weekend filled with peace and solace, time to rest -- and things that bring you joy. (And - definitely - time to watch this incredible film.)



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I am nodding my head and chuckling at that darned AC! Ha! Thank you for the link - I have tucked it away and will watch it with my morning coffee tomorrow!


hey...it's Friday morning and I just sat down with you...and my bowl of cereal. I've got 30 minutes....thanks for the link!!!!!


I've got a full day today leading into a busy weekend, but I am scheduling some time to watch this intriguing film on Sunday eve. I hope it will be a refreshing reset after John and I do some stressful plumbing in MD. Thanks for giving me something interesting to look forward to!


I'm going to get up early tomorrow or Sunday and enjoy watching with a nice hot cup of coffee. Have a wonderful weekend Kym! Clink you around 5! xo


Maybe I can watch once my conference calls are finished. Thanks! Sounds wonderful.


Husband and I lived in Japan for several years. One of the coolest things we happened on in a Tokyo mall was a flower arranging contest. I can't remember how many people they started with (less than 10). They reached in a bag and drew a number and that was the vase they had to work with. They got their vase and then 'go'. They had maybe 10 minutes (maybe 20?) to make an arrangement. There were all kinds of flowers and branches and greens they could choose from. At the end of the time, the people in the area around voted for the arrangements they liked best (holding up paddles provided). The winners moved on to another round. All the flowers went back into the prep-vases. And the 'decorative' vases went back to the waiting area for the next round. It was sooooo cool. Several young guys and gals and one old guy. He ended up the winner.


Thanks for the recommendation!


You're right, Kym! The middle of the day is always busy with...something. But darned if I could tell you what. Sometimes the hour before starting dinner...but then you've got that dinner deadline. Will try to squeeze it in though. Sounds intriguing. Love that Tokyo mall story. Makes me glad I read the Comments. These days every small enjoyment is so appreciated.


bookmarked!! thank you for sharing ... and happy weekend!


Well, I will certainly be setting aside 30 minutes for this at some point! The days always seem so busy, especially on the weekend, but I'm sure I can find 30 minutes to sit down and enjoy this.


I will watch it, probably later today. And I see nothing wrong with picking up Animal Crossing. Nothing at all. Yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Fascinating video, thank you for sharing xx

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