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Looking So Hard Right Now

On Letting Things Go

Let it go.

How often have you said that? To a friend, or to your kids, or to yourself.

Just let it go.
You need to let that go.
I'm working on letting it go.

But it is so hard (so dang hard) to just . . . 
let things go!


I've mentioned  that I'm paying less attention to the actual calendar . . . and more attention to the natural flow of life . . . as I'm setting intentions and evaluating my goals this year. Lunar cycles. Seasonal rhythms. Signs from nature. That kind of thing.

Yesterday was the the autumnal equinox. A day of balance . . . equal hours of daylight and darkness (or close). A good day to . . . let go of what is no longer serving you and prepare for the darker days ahead.

And there we go again!
Let go.

So much easier said than done.

But I started thinking more about fall. And what happens in nature. Plants go dormant. Leaves change color and eventually drop from the branches. All the focus in nature right now  . . . is on shedding what is no longer needed by the plant, by the tree . . . in order to shore it up for the winter ahead.

And maybe that's a better way to think about letting go for me (and maybe for you, too). 

I'm thinking of the things I no longer need in my life, the things I have trouble letting go of -- the easy-to-identify physical things, sure, but also stale ideas, goals that have lost their meaning, grudges, tired items on my to-do list that I never seem to get to, sidelined plans. For a variety of reasons, I keep holding on . . . struggling with the letting go.

So rather than continuing to feel bad about them; rather than stress about what to do about them; rather than stubbornly holding on way past their "sell by" date . . . I'm going to start thinking of them as . . .


First, I'll cut off their energy supply . . . and allow them to turn brilliant fall colors.
(After all, they all represented bright ideas or hopeful plans or good relationships at one time.)
And I'll take some time to appreciate their beauty.
But then, I'll let them fall.
I'll rake them into a pile.
And have a bonfire!

Letting things go . . . 
Autumnal equinox style.


Truth in advertising announcement. That photo up there? It's my Golden Redbud tree. And those leaves are not turning red because fall. That's actually what the newly-emerging leaves look like on that tree (which is very cool and quite beautiful throughout the growing season). I used a photo of that tree because the other trees around me aren't really colorful right now, and I wanted some fall color for this post. Even if it's not fall color. Here's another, closer-up photo of the emerging leaves on that same lovely tree.




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A lot of people are talking about letting go these days - is that a fall thing? I know I am working on letting go of physical stuff but also some expectations about what I imagined life would look like as I entered retirement.


Those leaves are beautiful Kym! I have noticed a few clumps of leaves here and there that are beginning to turn color - there were some near my office yesterday.

I really like your thought process here and I must say that (to me) it fits in so nicely with your word FLOW.

Enjoy your bonfire and may it warm your soul!


The boys had a lovely picture book that portrayed "forest sprites" throughout the year and I always remember them curled up in tree roots underground during fall and winter. The text said something about resting, rejuvenating, and renewing so they would be ready to awake and carry on with new life in the spring. That's kind of how I view fall and I do like your way of viewing letting go as falling leaves. That golden redbud is lovely!
P.S. I couldn't leave a comment at all today with Chrome and had to use Firefox in case you are still collecting comment data.

Kim Sheehan

"Cutting off the energy supply" is really resonating with me right now. Thank you!


That tree is really special. And so isn’t your thought process ;-) (not in Chrome here!)


Isn't nature amazing to create a tree that produces leaves in a gradient?

I hope your plan to let things go is effective. I'm sure we're all hanging on to things that aren't doing us any favors.


Well. This is a lovely post. I think the pandemic has really shown a lot of us what matters and also what doesn't. I need to consider the things I'm holding on to as well and just let that shit go.

kathy b

Letting Go is a process for me. I have to hold it tight for a bit first. I need to work on letting Go as well. I try to write my worries on a rock and I have a rock pile outside. I need to let things go that have happened as my father died. IT is not helpful for an alcoholic father to confuse his family as he dies. I don't need that energy to be used up for him. But I need some training on this I think.
I also have to let go the fact that the Barn we volunteered at , is not in line with our COVID caution. We were blindsided by COVID and never imagined we would not be helping there, anymore.GOod post that made me think! Thanks


Love the sentiment here, Kym, thank you! and that tree is gorgeous. Redbud leaves are one of my favorite things about spring because Purple Hearts ... I had no idea there were varieties with green ... and gold and red ones!

Margene Smith

Letting Go has been my mantra through the last 6 months. There is so much we can't have, do, be and we need to allow change to just become and a new beginning to begin....or something like that. My mind has a tendency to move forward faster than the weather and, mentally, I don't want to be in the middle of a snow storm while autumn is showing off around me. I am here now and focused on this lovely slice of natural change.


*testing with Chrome


Such a thought-provoking post, Kym. I’m headed in a 48-hr retreat tomorrow, and I think I would be well served to spend some time thinking over that which is past its Use By date... and those leaves! Wow! I’ve never seen a tree that emerges in fall colors! Breathtaking. Oh, your garden... such a feast for the eyes. Thank you.


Test :-)


Definitely have had to let go of a lot if things recently. The hardest has been expectations.


Such a lovely way of putting it. I love how you talk about cutting off the energy supply that is a really good way of imaging how to release the things that are of no use to us any more, it is so hard isn't it? I wrote about this special time of year this week too. It is a time for reflection and pausing.

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