On Letting Things Go
Rolling Around Again

Looking So Hard Right Now

This has been a tough week.

I mean, there's all the ordinary crap of life -- the melancholy-ness of pulling the pontoon out of the lake for the summer, for example. Or weird issues with a friend you used to like hanging around with. Or the "medical morass" you need to lead your dad through. Y'know . . . just ordinary, everyday kinds of crap. The kind we all deal with on the regular.

But then . . . there's the EXTRAordinary shitshow stuff happening all around us right now. The grieving for RBG. The frustration of inaction in the Breonna Taylor case. The latest Trump outrage about refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power.  The lies. The ineptitude. The hypocrisy.

It gets to be too much.

Especially when you're trying (so hard) to look for ...


I'm betting that many of you are feeling much like me right now.
Wrung out.
So tired.
So tired of this shit.

In other words . . . hopeless.

So today, I'm going to share something that gets me through when I've lost hope.

I meditate every day, and I usually use a GREAT app called Insight Timer for my practice. (Really. I've used most of the apps out there over the years, and Insight Timer is the best.) Sarah Blondin (of the Live Awake podcast) is one of the most popular teachers on the app -- and one I really like, too. In the early days of the pandemic (which seems now like years and years ago, doesn't it?), Sarah did a session for Insight Timer on Instagram Live called A Message of Hope. I listened to it back then, and I've listened to it several times since -- including twice already this week!


I thought you all might enjoy Sarah's message, too. You can click on this link to listen. It's on the longer side -- about 18 minutes, but I think you'll feel better - and maybe even a little more hopeful (or at least more settled) - after you listen. You don't need to be a regular meditator to enjoy this; it's less a guided meditation than a soothing talk from a wise friend. It's comforting. And relaxing.

Sarah gives us hope.
And we need some of that right now, more than ever.


(Now, here's the weird part. When you click into the link, it shows the talk with a 46 minute timeframe. I freaked out when I saw that -- because on the app it's only 18 minutes! And it IS . . . 18 minutes. There's a mistake somewhere there. When you click the arrow to start listening, the time goes down to 18 minutes within seconds. It is NOT 46 minutes. Just so you know.)


My best wishes to all of you . . . for a weekend filled with peace and solace, time to rest -- and things that bring you joy. 

Don't forget to look for hope.
We're all right. We're okay.



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Thanks for this link. Earlier this week I picked up Where to. Erin by Cleo Wade. I don’t even remember placing a hold but it was a lovely surprise.


Sorry - that should read Where to Begin by Cleo Wade


What gets me through is .................through all of this shit, my day to day life actually changes very little. No matter who is in the White House, through all the rioting, protesting, political posturing .... day to day I wake up, I take my meds, I eat, I clean, I take a walk ......I knit.

Does the current state of affair make me sad/angry/frustrated ....yes, to all. I do what I can to make things better. But at the end of the day I can't change any of those things except to make sure I vote on Nov. 3 AND that I do nothing to make any one else's situation worse.


Thank you for that link, I am going to hope to steal a few minutes this afternoon to settle in with it.

I have a new mantra... these effing people... it seems most appropriate at all times.


I'll take almost any message of hope I can get, so thank you! I use the 10% Happier app for meditation, but it's a little light on hope, so Sarah Blondin is just what I need. The extraordinary shitshow sometimes has to take a back seat to the daily drudgery we all have to deal with, but it's all discouraging and draining. Having dealt with the medical morass with my own father for 12 years, I'm sending all the good juju for both of you.


I am watching from the UK with a mixture or horror and disbelief, it must be so much harder to living through it as your reality (not that things are that much better here either it has to be said). I do hope that the election brings a new hope for all of you that need that right now.

Kim in Oregon

Thanks for this!


Thanks Kym! Wishing you luck and ease with your daily drudgery too.

kathy b

Kym, we are all alright. I think of so many things that have changed and they aren't about covid......then I add on covid ......I am praying that when it gets cold, we have a sunny winter.....the dreaded dreariness is looming. I have to think of a way to beat it!
Thank you for the link./


Thank you for sharing this. I've been feeling pretty rotten lately, but I have experience and tools to handle it. My daughter, on the other hand, has been a teary mess for a while, and she could really use some hope. I'm going to check this out and share it with her if it seems like it might help, because she is really feeling all the feels right now.

Naomi Stone

I'm with you all the way. I have cast my ballot and pray to God that change will come to this country. Why are there so many people with hate in their hearts? Why? We are so blessed and they are not helping any situation by their attitudes. I'm going to listen to the meditation you posted and see if it helps. Thanks for your insight.


Thanks, Kym. I'm catching up on blogs (slowly but surely) and it's comforting and hopeful to read about how many of us shared messages about moving forward in spite of all the crap. I made more time for centering prayer this week and it helped. plan to keep it up!


Thanks for the link. I need to get back to regular meditation practice. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. In spite of all the discouraging news, I know of no one who is giving up and that is hopeful for me.


I’ll be listening to that on my way in tomorrow morning. I’ve never had emotion like this before...gave as I can again today to help possibly flip some seats...staying positive here by loving the fall colors, anticipating Dan, and making sure everyone i know is going to vote!! Xoxoxo my friend!

Kathy Boyer

cueing it up right now. thanks

kathy b

I love her voice. I am reminded of a time when I reunited with my mother. She was in the end of her minds' awareness. She had alzehimers. I came to her hospital bed, I told her I missed her and I collapsed in her body. She hugged me and said,

"Its ok. Let it out. .Let it out. " and this is what came to my awareness when Sarah spoke. Thank you


I'm not much for guided meditation which is why I stick with Calm for my meditation tracker but I will definitely take the time to listen to this message of Hope. If you wrote this post today you'd have to add the infuriating news about Trump's tax payments. Every day it's something. I'm tired of it all..

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