Sentimental Gentle Winds: A Riff on Time
Adapting: A Three on Thursday Story

Dying of Cuteness

After hours of futsy finishing. . .
And more fiddling and adjusting than you can imagine. . . 
After being ready to just throw-in-the-towel on numerous occasions. . . 
(Ask Tom.)
And so much swearing. . . 

I am now . . . 


Dying of cuteness!

The little faces.
And the seed-stitch ears.


The stripey legs.
The shoes.
(The damn shoes nearly did me in.) (Just sayin.)


The little backsides.
(Where even the little tails are knit and stuffed.)


Now I can say they were worth it.
Perfectly imperfect, but plenty good enough.

Just non-stop cute!


For the wardrobe!


What are you making this week?


Here's a Ravlery link to the pattern. (Y'know. In case you want to make some for yourself.) As for the wardrobe? So much to choose from! (Let's just say . . . it's kind of like shopping at the Able Sisters shop in Animal Crossings.)




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Those are absolutely the cutest! Good for you for persevering and deciding they were worth it. I miss Animal Crossings so much. Sniff.


If I had persevered through all the bunny fussiness, I don't think I could give them away! They are so cute, and I hope that whatever clothing you knit is less fussy.


Yes they are beyond cute! And worthy of all the time you spent on them! And having once taken a doll-making class I can really appreciate those stuffing skills. An art in itself.


So cute! And so tiny. I am impressed. I’ve been sewing which is a fun diversion.


Whoa! So cute and here's a major high five to you for persevering! I would never have made it through. Clothes will be fun though...can't wait to see.


That pair of bunnies is very cute and I don't know if I would have the patience for all that fussy work. Have fun knitting their clothes!


Kudos to you Kym! Well done and so stinkin' cute. I could not/would not have perservered. Can't wait to see what outfits you make for these darling bunnies. The ears are TOO MUCH!!

Kim Sheehan

I think the cuteness is definitely worth the fiddliness!


You’re right...just nonstop cute! Thanks for sharing!


I think fussy things like this are a lot like having kids: The process is a major pain, but it's so worth it in the end! Have fun making tiny bunny clothes!


Crazy cute!!!


So cute! Thanks for sharing, it made my morning brighter.


Gosh, they are just so adorable!! Sometimes fiddly gets the most amazing results!

Margene Smith

They are DARLING! AND and a wardrobe?! So fun despite the anguish of knitting.


They are ADORABLE and I look forward to seeing them dressed!


They are definitely a labour of love. I’ve made several dresses and sweaters over the last few years and just completed the dungarees and couple of bags and baskets. All winners in my book!


Those little rabbits are just darling. I can't imagine how much fiddling around was needed to get them this far. I look forward to seeing what you choose for clothing. Keep us posted.

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