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All Summer Long

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I've been dragging something along with me . . . all summer long.

Slogging knitting away, off and on.
Mixing it up with baby sweaters and bunnies and embroidery.
On the patio, up north at the lake, in front of the tv.


All summer long
you've been with me
I can't see enough of you


All summer long
we've both been free
Won't be long til summer time is through


T-shirts, cutoffs
and a pair of thongs (flip-flops)
We've been having fun all summer long!

But now . . . summer time is through.
The weather is turning, it's time to move on.

It's so nice to add a new layer to my closet -- just in time for fall.


You can find the details here on Ravelry. 


What are YOU making this week?



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Oh, that looks great!! But... YOUR HAIR!!! It's really grown over the summer, huh? (Mine, too, it's to my waist... I'm still not ready for that.)


Just beautiful! I love the color and the pattern; this looks like the perfect project to intersperse with fussy bunnies and embroidery. (And your hair looks great, too!)

stephanie young

I adore this!!! I usually wait to start knitting a sweater when I get cold....which means maybe, just maybe it's finished in time for spring!! Your timing was perfect.


I am so jealous of your hair. It's grown a lot faster than mine has in the same time frame and you have a great cut.


Awesome! Lovely sweater and hair.


Your hair! :-) It looks great. Love the sweater too! I'm knitting Isabell Kraemer's Aldous. Tinking back because of one weird looking stitch. That I just can't live with!

Margene Smith

I can't get past how beautiful your hair is! The jacket color is a perfect compliment and the jacket itself is so classic and elegant! You'll enjoy wearing this whether dressed up or down! Excellent choice!


The sweater is fabulous but your hair is the star of the show today!!! And also that peace necklace. :-)


Love this sweater and with Carrie Bostick Hoge as the designer, how could you go wrong! It's amazing to me how I always have that one (or two) knit projects that I drag along with me .....forever! I must love them I can't bare for them to end.(hahaha).
Have a great day!


Oh wow! That turned out beautifully Kym. but your HAIR! I love it. Looks great on you. Like Vicki, mine is just about to my waist (though I did - finally - have a couple of inches trimmed off yesterday).


Your sweater is gorgeous, a great style and color! I love your hair and wish mine had half as much body! My hair is a bit longer, but is so fine and straight that it drives me crazy! Enjoy wearing your lovely sweater!


Love that sweater! Well done! (and yay for enforced hair growing out!) :)

kathy b

Wow. Lovely lovely finish. Great photos too. YOU look relaxed and happy!


Like everyone else - beautiful you and your hair and that sweater. I knit that pattern once and made it longer with long sleeves which was a big mistake. Time for summer to wind down and you are ready.


Clearly it was worth the wait -- it is perfect in every way!


Love it. Both the color and the style.


Your sweater is pretty, you did a beautiful job.


Your cardigan is beautiful, I love the colour and the shape is just gorgeous.

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