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A Little Diversion

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In the mornings, I generally get up early. Feed the dogs. Get a cup of coffee. Do the NY Times mini-crossword. And then . . . knit for awhile. It's a good way to start the day.

My view this morning . . . 


Little bunny clothes.
A whole pile of 'em.

But. What's that? Underneath????


Oh. Just something I became absolultely smitten with last week. (Ravelry link here.)

And because I'm deep into what Brené Brown calls "day 2" when it comes to knitting these little bunny clothes (and knitting with cotton yarn) (even though it's NICE cotton yarn), I decided to just go for it and begin. 

Even though my current focus is . . . finish the bunny cardigan and do 2 more quick dresses . . . a little diversion is good for the soul!


How about you?
What are you making this week?


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I am trying to stay on sleeve island this week. I have one finished sleeve and one that is 75% done. I have told myself that when I get the third sleeve done I can cast on something new. Fortunately the two sweaters needing sleeves are different enough that it feels like a diversion to switch back and forth.


I love everything about that photo - the pile o' bunny clothes, your Pressed Flowers, and your coffee cup! I'm finishing a baby sock today, and then back to Hitchhikers. (It's getting to be Hitchhiker weather here!)


I've been doing everything in my power to stay away from that shawl pattern. (Though I think my ripped MKAL would probably look lovely!) I've got a sweater going so I'll stay true. That shawl may be just what early 2021 will call for. I can't wait to see those bunny clothes on the bunnies!

stephanie young

That shawl is AMAZING!!!! Oh tempting!!!! Trying to stay the course and get this baby blanket done....not completely mindless, but nearly so, so it's OK. Had to 'fav' it, though. Can't wait to follow your progress.


A little diversion is an excellent idea. Follow your heart, especially in knitting. That said, I am anxious to see those bunnies in their outfits. I have long looked at those bunnies. I'm now working on a winter shawl for my daughter, a surprise gift and my little quilt.


A hat made out of gifted yarn. It's always an extra responsibility to honor the gift-er with an especially nice finished product, right? Doll's clothes can be so fun (and quick!). TINY doll/bunny clothes...mmm. Looking forward to the verdict, Kym. No doubt, though, judging by the bunnies, that they will be adorable beyond words. Can't wait.


I would be distracted by Pressed Flowers as well - it looks gorgeous. Your pile of bunny clothes is just adorable!


I didn’t make it past your fine coffee cup :)
And after two days of not being able to Comment, it’s working on my end again!


LOVE your coffee mug! I think a diversion is always nice to have when you're working on something that's less pleasurable. It's good motivation to get it done!


I am re-knitting my Kaleidoscope sweater as I have lost weight since finishing it in April. But I just received yarn to make Susan B Anderson's witches. I plan on making 5 - one for each of our granddaughters. I will say I am a bit nervous after watching your knitting of the bunnies and your talking about how tedious it has been.


I saw that shawl and thought of you right away - although I didn't picture it in those colors :-) The good thing about the bunny clothes is that the bunnies aren't gonna be too big for any of it ... you could finish the dresses next year and they'd still fit! (gosh, aren't you loving Brené's new podcast series? I listened to her conversation with Sonya Renee Taylor last night and had trouble staying in my chair.)


I am giving myself a break from the 2-afghan slog by casting on another BSJ. My excuse is that a friend wants to knit a BSJ for her granddaughter, and, knowing how my friend struggles with written directions, I want to perfect EZ's recipe to make it easier to follow.

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