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On the last Tuesday of the month, many of us in Bloglandia share updates about our "words" for the year. (Honoré hosts, check it out.) It's a really helpful way to reflect back on the month-nearly-ended . . . to see how our "words" have popped up in our worlds. It's especially fascinating to me to see how these words connect - all year - for so many of us. There is some mysterious power in having a word, that's for sure.



When I first chose my word - flow - this year, one of the first things that popped up in my head was . . . yoga flow.

I've been doing yoga for a very long time. The first yoga class I can remember taking (although I'm pretty sure I took a class or two before this one) was when I was pregnant with Erin, and she turned 31 earlier this summer. Since then, for the most part, I've practiced yoga in some form or another. In more recent times (the past 15 years), I've taken a weekly studio class -- with daily sun salutations at home to stretch things out every morning.

The pandemic, of course, has changed my yoga practice in a big way. Actually, this is probably one of the best changes I've experienced in PandemicLife -- because now . . . I do yoga every day . . . with Adriene! (I highly recommend Yoga With Adriene, by the way, if you're looking for a good, solid yoga-anywhere practice. Her videos are available for free, although the for-pay option offers much more -- and at $10/month, it's less than most one-session studio yoga classes, so a good deal, too.)

I get so much benefit from my regular yoga practice. There's the physical stuff -- flexibility, improved balance, and strength (I feel like such a badass whenever I do a full chaturanga!). But there's also the mental stuff -- mindfulness, improved focus, and a sense of calm. (And who doesn't need that these days?)


This month, I decided to learn a bit more about my favorite type of yoga: vinyasa, or . . . flow.

"Vinyasa" is a Sanskrit word, and like many Sanskrit words, it has multiple meanings on multiple levels. But if we break down the word, we get this translation:

Vin means to place.
Yasa means in a special way.

So . . . Vinyasa . . . means to place in a special way. Or, as Adriene explains it, to move with intention -- a systematic approach to moving from one point to the next . . . with the breath.

In the yoga studio, vinyasa classes tend to focus on "flowing" from one pose to another rather quickly -- always with a focus on the breath. (As opposed to hatha style classes, which tend to take a more slow approach -- holding the poses longer, but still with a focus on the breath.) And in most classes, there are many chances to "take your vinyasa" (yoga teacher speak) referring to that flow sequence between downward dogs that traditionally includes the chaturanga.

It's complicated (multiple meanings on multiple levels). And kind of technical. I hope you'll pardon this yoga-digression, but for me this month, it's been all about thinking of flow in a bigger "life" sense by examining flow in a more direct "yoga" sense.

My one little word lesson this month? Focus on vinyasa!

to place . . . in a special way
to move with intention
to flow


How about you? What did you learn from your word this month?



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I also love yoga. I dipped my toe into Pilates but I am returning to yoga and have been contemplating Adrienne’s membership. I just reset my yoga space yesterday. Your post might be just the added push I need.


I've recently (over the last year) gotten away from yoga, but am thinking of getting back to it. I may give Adrienne's free classes a look to see if I like (I'm not big on classes over the internet at all...but...given This Time....).


I am in awe of your incredible badassness! Haha! Pilates planking is hard, but wow... you have me beat there by miles and miles!

For me this month it was all about less... in a very good way!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

What a fantastic way to embrace Flow! Yoga--of course! But that never even crossed my mind, all these months of reading your Flow posts. And to flow in that gorgeous space you created...bliss.


Yoga is on my retirement (in sight!) bucket list . I know the strength will benefit me. Adrienne will be my go to as well! And these are certainly word to live by...especially right now! xo

kathy b

Oh gosh. It is pathetic I cannot recall my word this month. But Flow is great. And I wish I could Go with it!


I'm impressed that so many people have stayed with their word.

I think mine went by the wayside around March. :-( Oh well, maybe next year.


I used to do yoga every week (there was a yoga studio I could walk to that had an early morning class on Saturdays that was perfect), but then the studio moved and I've gotten out of the habit. I keep meaning to get back to it. Perhaps when the weather is no longer great for walking and running, I will finally turn back to the flow!


Oh Yoga, I use to love going to yoga! I am not very flexible,( first generation out of the cave, long family story), but I would go faithfully twice a week, it was great for my pitiful back issues. Reading your post today makes me want to take another look at classes. And yes, you do have to be a badass to do some of those poses, congrats to you!


Yoga has kept me grounded through all the ups and downs of life for the last 16 years. Your practice sounds very fulfilling!

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