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First Monday in August

Monday again.
Already August.

(Can you believe that? Time continues to whirl away.)

Let's . . . 


On Mondays I share a few tidbits and miscellaneous things I discovered over the weekend. A little of this, a little of that. Things to amuse, amaze, entertain, or inform. Maybe something to rev you up!

So. Let's get to it.


"If you are in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood, go for another walk."
                -- Hippocrates

Every week, I find a quote that inspires me (or one that reflects my current mood), and I write it at the top of my weekly planner. I also share it here. This week, it's the quote above . . . which is attributed to Hippocrates. You know . . . THAT Hippocrates. The Father of Medicine, the Hippocratic Oath guy. Ancient Greek physician. Back in the BC times.

And that quote, much as I love it, well . . . it doesn't ring very "ancient Greek" to me. "Bad mood?" I'm sure the ancient Greeks had them, but it seems like an awfully modern term. I just can't quite picture the ancient Greeks hanging around in their togas and laurel head garlands talking about their "bad moods." I did some Google-digging, though, and . . . it really does seem to be attributed to Hippocrates by many a reliable source.

So. I'm going with it!



I haven't done a Start Your Engines dictionary word for months now, but I have one for this week. Today's word . . . is one I'm sure we're all very, very familiar with (overly familiar with, I'm afraid):


(Yeah. I knew you'd know this one.)

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was a total doomscroller. I was reading and clicking and reading some more ALL.THE.TIME. I got a handle on it pretty quickly by re-instituting many of the good habits I developed in my "digital detox" (way back in March 2019). BUT. I can still launch myself into a doomscolling rabbit hole if I'm not super vigilant!

It's important for all of us to be mindful of the doomscroll trapdoor - and especially as the news just grows ever more bleak and full of (well . . .) doom. Sure. We need to be informed about what's going on. We just need to be careful about being TOO informed, paying too much attention -- because it's wreaking havoc with our mental health!

(image from @the_happy_broadcast on Instagram)

Looking for some suggestions for how to stop the doomscrolling in your life? Here are a few resources for you. (Note: Mostly they say the same things, but in different ways.)

From the New York Times.

From Wired.

From @the_happy_broadcast on Instagram.

(Also. This is the not the last you'll hear from me on this particular topic!)



Looking for a way to get involved with the upcoming election? 

Check out Vote Save America for great information . . . PLUS ways to "adopt" a swing state!

Good information.
Forward thinking.
Ready to rumble!



Let's talk . . . vaccines and antibodies . . . for a minute.

Here in my house . . . we tend to talk about chemistry and pharmaceuticals and vaccines probably a bit more than your typical household, I know. But at this point, it looks like a vaccine might be the only way out of our current pandemic mess, so it's best we all pay attention.

This article from the New York Times came out over the weekend (Friday) -- and it is an excellent explanation of antibodies, vaccines, how they work, and what we might expect from current research. Give it a read. It might give you some (much needed) hope! (Especially if, like me, you're afraid of the rush-to-drug-approval aspect of the entire process.)



I know. It's just the beginning of August. But you know what that means in the garden???

Yes! It's time to start thinking about, planning for, and ordering spring bulbs! (Seriously? Yes. Seriously.)

In the past, several of you have asked me to give you a little reminder-nudge when I order my bulbs. Well, my friends. This is that nudge! It's time! (Actually, there's quite a bit of time before you need to get the bulbs in the ground, but if you don't order or purchase soon, you may not get the bulbs you want.)

I generally order my bulbs online. I can also pick them up at local nurseries, but I can't always find the bulbs I want in the quantity I'm looking for -- and the quality tends not to be as good as the bulbs I order. One year, I purchased a number of daffodils locally -- and I also ordered them in bulk from an online supplier. The online bulbs were bigger and healthier and only a bit more expensive. Most importantly, though -- the online bulbs have consistently performed better over time. (Like . . . way better.) Bottom line? I recommend ordering from a good supplier if you can.

Looking for online bulb sources? I usually order from White Flower Farm with excellent results. This year, I'm also thinking of trying bulbs from Longfield Gardens. I've heard good things about them, and their prices look good (a bit cheaper than WFF, although not on everything). (I'll keep you posted.)

Here's a list of top online bulb suppliers put together by Garden Gate magazine, just in case you're looking for some options.

And if you're planning to pick up bulbs locally, here's a great article explaining what you should be looking for in healthy bulbs.


And that's it for me this first week in August.

I hope your week is off to a great start.
Keep smiling.
We'll get through this.



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Doomscrolling... oy, I have an ongoing battle with that! Ha!!

I had bookmarked that NYT article to read this week. Yes, I have some serious fear about a new vaccine as well. So much to think about!

Happy Monday (it is cooler and much less humid here, and I will take it!)


Thanks for the bulb reminder. Fletch and I have talked about ordering a bunch for Colin & Mailing and then having a planting day at their house! Should be fun. I think that not being a doomscroller has saved my sanity this Spring/Summer. I just don't/won't go there.


I am more of a scroll avoider but I do like thatdoomscrollling term. I signed off Instagram this month to detox my digital life. And thanks for the reminder to buy bulbs. I forgot last year.


No doomscrolling here. My boss does enough for all of us and reports his findings most afternoons! :-) We were talking bulbs yesterday Kym. I'll send Doug this link! Happy Monday friend! xo


I planted SO many bulbs last year, I'm not sure if I've got it in me to do it again this year! Doomscrolling is the perfect term. I do it even as I'm telling myself to stop.doing.it.


Doomscrolling! That has to be the word of the year! I’ve gotten better since our numbers improved. I thought of you when I made a trip to WFF a week ago. Actually I was headed to a yarn shop in a nearby town to purchase yarn for Spark. Hubby and I planned a lovely lunch and trip to see the gardens. That weekend the new catalog arrived! I’m doing bulbs this year!

Caffeine Girl

A group of my friends just ordered a bunch of bulbs. My gardening friends swear by Van Engelen, Inc. www.vanengelen.com, which is on that list you linked. We are going to go from yard to yard and plant as a group. Should be fun! It's my first time planting bulbs, so I'll need their expertise.

I am familiar with doomscrolling. I tend to fall into rabbit holes about politics.

A lot of my friends have Ph.D. in biology or chemistry so we tend to talk about vaccines a lot!


We had such lousy luck with our impatiens in the front yard this year that it might be the first time I actually plant bulbs. Kiddo is eager to help, so I might as well take advantage! Thanks for the links -- looks like I have some research to do.


Happy Monday!

Is this the year I finally plant some bulbs?? :)

Thanks for all the links.

Kim Sheehan

Thank you for such an informative post!


I like your digging into the quote's origin! I often head down rabbit holes with quotes and am not always successful (but it's fun). I think I quit doomscrolling when I realized it would never actually stop the doom itself. I wonder if we might be treated to a special guest post from your resident vaccine expert someday? The promise of a vaccine does give me hope, especially with several in Phase 3 trials, BUT (and it's a big one) I wonder about the mechanics of it all - manufacture, packaging, distribution, actually injecting people, etc. The federal government has mucked up everything else related to coronavirus, so I really question whether they're going to be able to handle all the important details associated with a possible vaccine if/when there is one.

Kathy Boyer

VOTE SAVE AMERICA. Gotta check that out. Gotta read about the virus too. As a nurse I can usually spot a well researched article as opposed to opinions under the guise of fact....

Doom scrolling........blech. I look for yarn!


I have stayed away from Doomscrolling fairly easily, but I find myself just scrolling the hours away! So, I have been strict with myself found more happiness and a calmer self. If I scroll I look for yarn, household upgrades, and books (even though I rarely buy anything).

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