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Planting Some Hope

Bright Spots

Several years ago, we re-did our master bathroom. (It was one of those give-a-mouse-a-cookie situations that began with a shower stall that needed to be replaced, and then just mushroomed from there.) In the process, we ended up removing a jacuzzi bathtub. Most people look at me like I'm kind of crazy when I tell them we did that. But, although I tried really hard to become one, I am simply not a Bath Person. The tub just sat there. Taking up space. Requiring dusting and cleaning. And (truth be told) serving as a "clothes horse" for Things I Decided Not To Wear.


We had the tub torn out. And we converted the space into (what has become) my own, private little yoga "studio." 


The stained glass windows were always there, but before our re-do, the walls in the bathroom were covered in VERY dark blue striped wallpaper. When that came off? The windows became the star attraction!

I created a little meditation space in the corner. It's always really nice, but when the sun is shining, it becomes a magical space. I just never know what will greet me when I sit down to meditate. Yesterday, I got this. . . 


Sunlight through the stained glass. Plant shadows. Candlelight reflections. (And a little heart if you use your imagination.)

And then, when I stood up to begin my daily yoga practice, this was my view in mountain pose . . . 


It's not like this every day, of course. It depends on the time of day and the angle of the sun and the amount of cloud cover -- and when I'm in the space to notice. (Whole weeks can go by in the winter without any wall-sparkling, for example.

It's a good reminder . . . that there ARE bright spots.
We just need to watch for them.
And be there to notice them.
And marvel whenever they appear.

Even in the dark times.


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I love your little yoga studio. Especially the windows! Gorgeous.

And I don't think you are crazy to have removed the tub. The only thing the "garden tub" in our master bath has been used for is a playground for the cats. We also have a tub in one of the guest baths and it is used to hold the cat litter box and contain the spread of litter. I guess that one is at least useful.

And thanks for reminding us of bright spots.


These photos are wonderful and I just love picturing you in that spot doing your meditation and yoga.

Caffeine Girl

I'd take a meditation space over a jacuzzi any time -- and yours is divine! I really should make a space for meditating. Maybe then I'd do it EVERY day.


I see the heart! Love your windows and your space. The sparkling light on the walls reminds me of our kitchen windows at certain times of the year. We have the Swarovski Snow Flakes I get every year at work hanging in our kitchen windows. When the sun is at the right angle, all our walls are filled with rainbows. Cats love to climb the walls to chase them...


I think those windows alone might have convinced me to buy your house! I love the colors in them, the reflections, the wall-sparkling, and the heart. Thanks for the reminder that there are indeed bright spots; I needed that today.


What a great idea. Our jacuzzi tub gets used about 2 times a year and soon neither of us will even be able to climb into it but I never though of taking it out. Will put that on the maybe list for a bathroom redo.


What a great idea to have a little meditation space. Thanks for reminding us to look for the bright spots.


Oh my gosh. This is all kinds of BRILLIANT, Kym!!


What a beautiful yoga space. Those windows really deserved to be the "star".

I saw the heart right away. No imagination needed.


What a lovely yoga space! I love stain glass windows with all the pretty colored light dabbled across the inside from the sun.
All my yoga classes are live streamed now and my space needs some yoga love. It’s in my fiber room ( youngest daughter’s former bedroom) and its filled with spinning and knitting items. Lovely but not meditative. Makes me think about my next project or fret about my stash.


I love when the sun does things like that. Your yoga studio is quite a sanctuary. How light plays is one of my favorite things, even as a child. But a Jacuzzi?? What’s that? Jacuzzi’s have always beeb lost to me. I must be from a different era. I even like bathtubs:).


The house I grew up in had two stained-glass windows on the stairs to the second floor, and so I've always associated stained glass with familiar feelings of home. I love your little yoga studio. The light is really magically and must create such perfect ambiance for your practice!


Mary Oliver wrote:
Every day
I see or hear
that more or less

kills me
with delight...

Isn't it wonderful to know we have this moment of delight to behold in every day for the rest of our lives?


Beautiful Kym! (our bathroom is the size of a closet... but I dream of having a space like this!!)

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