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And Then It Kind of Unraveled

We're up north this week (where it was 43 degrees F when I woke up this morning!).

Making-wise, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to finish up my little bunnies. The early-week weather up north was looking cool and rainy -- perfect for bunny-finishing! So I gathered everything up and packed it for a bunny-making sew-and-stuff-fest at our cabin.

Yesterday afternoon (cool and rainy, as predicted), I got everything all laid out on the table . . . ready to settle in with my bunnies.



If you take a look, something is missing.
Something important.
Vital to the project, even. 

(And if you guessed "bunny body parts" . . . you'd be absolutely right.)


My plans = completely unraveled!

I was evidently so focused on remembering to pack the stuffing and the black yarn for the faces and extra yarn and all my tools and my iPad . . . that I forgot to grab my bag of bunny parts!  (Oh, well. There's always next week.)


How about you? What are you working on this week?


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oh NO! and 43 degrees ... happy sigh. Sweater Weather!

Carolyn Thomas

Oh, Kym, I hate it when I do that!!! Grr. Sounds like some pretty perfect hardcopy reading weather though.... And 43 degrees?! Wow! I thought waking up to 63 was chilly....


Oh no!! I would be pretty frustrated. On the other hand, I would love to be at a lake and waking up to 43 degree weather!! Enjy your time there. And, yes, there is always next week.


43 degrees, how wonderful! We are to have temps around 99-100 this week, ugh. Though I am noticing a shift in the air at night, fall is coming and summer, (my least favorite season) is getting behind me.
I hate it when I pack a project and forget the main part or a much needed item to complete project, yup, I think it happens to all of us hard core fiber artists.
Enjoy your week in cool weather at the lake!


Gaaah! Oh well, you know what they say about good intentions! I hope you enjoy that cooler weather. We're only supposed to get up to the high 70s today, which is very cool for August, and I'm excited!


I hope you had other knitting with you! We haven’t dipped to 43 degrees yet, but it definitely is starting to feel autumnal.


So disappointing, but I'll bet that just means more lake time (and that's a win!)!


Tomahawk was 38 yesterday morning. Today up to 76. Perfect! Enjoy your stay up north.


Wow! That is chilly! (perfect sweater planning weather! lol) I have forgotten the "important" part more than I care to admit! :)


Oh no! I hope you had other projects with you to work on instead!

Kim Sheehan

When we came out to the coast last Christmas, I forgot my knitting bag. I had two projects with me but had planned to take four additional projects. I totall;y freaked out! Luckily, delivery.


Oh, the best laid plans! Luckily, bunnies are patient and will wait.


Boooo! I'm heading on vacation Saturday and will carefully review my knitting (once I decide what that will be). I also hope you had a back-up!


This is something that would mildly torment me throughout my entire visit. Hope you have a more constructive outlook!


Oh for heavens sake. Missing bunny parts had to be a little frustrating. You might be able to stop in town for stuffing or the yarn/floss for the faces. 43 degrees sounds absolutely lovely to me. Maybe next week.

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