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A Change of Scenery . . . Of Sorts

My knitting is in a rather dull spot at the moment, so I'll show you something else that has caught my fancy these days . . . 


I have always loved hand-stitching, and especially embroidery. After all, it was my "first craft." My great grandmother taught me simple embroidery when I was very young. My first project? She wrote my name on a piece of muslin, threaded my needle with blue embroidery floss, taught me the backstitch . . . and I successfully stitched the whole thing right onto the skirt I was wearing! We had to cut if off and begin again. (My first experience of "so shall you sew, so shall you rip"!)

Anyway, I used to do quite a lot of embroidery. Lately, though? Not so much. Hand-stitching has been pretty limited to my Alabama Chanin projects. 

But I've been following several embroiderers on Instagram for a while, and decided to just pick up my "tiny needle" and jump back in.

I started with this little kit from Cozy Blue Handmade. (The photo uptop is also a Cozy Blue kit.) Her kits are all-inclusive and ready for immediate stitching. (They include the stamped fabric, embroidery floss, a needle, the wooden hoop frame, and basic instruction). 


(I have always struggled with satin stitch. I try all the tricks -- I outline the area first, for example and fill it in with seed stitch before doing the satin stitch. Still, it's uneven . . . but I'm working at letting my perfection "flow" right out the window. So there you go.)

I'm really having fun with these little projects right now. In fact, I have a couple more in my line-up!


A change of scenery is good for the soul!


How about you? What are you working on?


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Your hand stitching projects are lovely and small projects, perfect in this COVID time. Projects that are relaxing, enjoyable and able to have a finish in a timely fashion. Yup, fits the bill for me.


Oh, boy, these could be *very* addictive!! Especially loving the new kit on the right (probably b/c of the black background). And I loved your first stitching story! Oh, to have that skirt now!!


Love these stitching kits! They look very satisfying to work. I used to do a ton of counted cross stitch, and I've been thinking about getting it out again (but haven't done it yet because I worry I'll get distracted from my other leisure time pursuits).


As I have been decluttering I have rediscovered an embroidery kit and a sashimi kit so I hope to join you with some stitching posts soon.


I want to click on the Cozy Blue link, but I'm afraid I won't be able to resist! Maybe just one little kit won't hurt and it might even be that new and interesting thing I'm feeling a need for right now. I'm off to check it out ...


First of all I love your stitching story - sewing your piece to your skirt. So classic!! I do like the kits you've chosen - especially the moon phase one. So many are doing these cozy blue kits right now. They are just charming! I discovered some stamped pillowcases in my stash - I might just need to work on them a bit too in addition to my sampler.


Thank you for the inspiration and the link! I just ordered the autumn mandala kit (which seems more like winter to me, but the name doesn't matter).
*And Bonny, I waited two hours with it in my browser, and then I hit "cart"!


Embroidery is amazing. Thank you for showing such wonderful, modern- looking examples.


These are too cute! I love that moon phases stitching! (and I think the satin stitches looks lovely!)


I've had my eye on the two you have waiting in the wings. I like Blue Cozy kits very much. I've got a big AC project (which doesn't get much love) and a sweater (and sock) on the needles. I think stitching will go by the wayside for now. It is nice to know we have the "talents" to do any craft that strikes our fancy!

Kim Sheehan

Oh I love these! I have done all of these except the one with the words in the middle. I'm so happy you'[re doing it!


I’m another Reader who had the nerve to click the link and go down the rabbit hole. I didn’t bother to wait 2 hours to put one of those adorable kits in my cart and click “order.” Can’t wait to receive it and start stitching. Thanks Kym (I think).


I love that story about stitching your project to your dress! <3

Those kits are so cute. I still have one of my first embroidery projects... big colorful mushrooms on a piece of orange loose-weave something resembling burlap. (It was the '70s.) Satin Stitch looks like it should be the easiest thing ever, but it sure is a bugger, isn't it?


Those are great projects! I never did embroidery but I loved counted cross stitch, it was my craft of choice in the late 80s and early 90s.


The story of sewing your stitching onto your skirt is priceless and classic. I like your change of scenery. I pulled out some quilting scraps this summer and have been making small nine patch blocks and waiting for inspiration.

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