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You're Going To Be SO Jealous

As I stew in the quagmire that is Our Daily Situation now, I've been busying my hands with knitting silly little things. Fussy, knit-at-uncomfortable-gauge little things. Things that don't take much yarn, don't take much space, but DO take a lot of time!

Case in point: Here is the sum total of two weeks of knitting.


Yep. It all fits (without even cramming) into a quart-sized plastic bag!

But that's nothing.

Now comes the FUN part . . . 





That's 2 heads, 2 bodies, 4 ears, 4 legs (with incredibly fussy shoes attached), 4 arms, and 2 tails.

Uh huh. I've knit bunny-body-parts for not-one-but-TWO of these. (Note: That link will take you to the designer's website page, NOT to Ravelry.

Let the Making begin!

(Bet y'all wish you were in my shoes . . . )


Be sure to head over to Kat's for more Unraveling today.


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Oh.my.gosh! The cuteness!! (sometimes you just need to make the fiddliest thing every, right?)


Well that looks fun!


Those bunnies are so cute they may even be worth all the fussiness!


I love these bunnies! Why not knit some Fun!


They will be so cute but you're a better woman than I am! :-)


Those little bunnies are adorable...but like Patty...better you than me. You and Vicki are going to be weaving in ends FOREVER!! LOL I can't wait to see the finished bunnies though.

Caffeine Girl

Those are going to be SO cute!
I've always wanted to knit one of those, but I suspect I won't actually get to it unless I have grandchldren someday.

Margene Smith

I've actually thought about making a little rabbit for, well, for me! I think you've convinced me otherwise.


I bought the pattern awhile ago. None started yet. But soon. What yarn are you using. Did the Debbie Bliss bears years ago for gkids not sure all 7 got one And if you want more fiddly things go for Alan Darts gnomes. Five of those were my limit but great stash busters and so fun for Christmas. I’ll enjoy watching your progress. Colors are great.


I have gotten that far with a similar project or two and then, faced with THAT, I just couldn't and tossed it out. I have a little better luck with little things like that when the appendages are knit on & stuff-as-you-go rather than sewn on!

They're gonna be awfully darn cute, though!! Go you!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Gah! You made me laugh :) In your shoes is ONE thing. In FUSSY shoes is another! Can't wait to see your FOs.


I don't do fussy knitting but these bunnies make me wish I did. Go you!


ha! I'll do the fussy knitting, but NO WAY am I in for the fussy sewing, etc. GO YOU!

Vikki H

These bunnies have been in my queue for too long. I think my brain can finally focus on “fiddly bits.”


Well, at least it is worsted weight and the bunnies are a good size and knitting tiny things are less fiddly (I think!) in the flat...but all that putting together! Can’t wait to see them!


I have always loved those bunnies -- but not quite enough, at least thus far, to be willing to deal with all the little parts!

Kimberly Davison

I’ve admired this designer’s work for at least a decade! Maybe if someone provides me with a grandchild I will get the muse too. Lovely, Kym!


Those little bunnies are going to be darling. I've looked at the patterns more than once. Keep us posted as I am looking forward to seeing yours.

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