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Shake Things Up Once In A While

We have a little patio right off the kitchen at our house. In the summertime, it's a true extension of our house; our outoor living room.


(Here's Jenny, giving you a warm welcome earlier this summer.) It's comfortable and easy and there are patio lights hanging for evenings. Tom's grill is out there; my herb garden borders one side of the patio, and there is a garden path on the other side leading to a large garden bed.  Because it's on the east side of our house, it's shady in the afternoon and evening, and - somehow - always comfortable, even on the hottest days. Tom and I meet there every evening for a drink on the patio.

But the other night? We shook things up!

You see . . . we have another patio in our garden. It's in a more remote corner, and far from the kitchen (although easily accessible through a slider in our basement). We call it "Tom's garden" -- because Tom built the brick patio and put in a small retaining wall to make the space happen in the first place.


It's kind of a ... secret garden.
Secluded and private -- and cool and shady, there under the "umbrella" of a golden redbud tree.


Earlier this week, we decided do something different . . . to meet in "Tom's garden" for drinks instead of on the patio. It was so nice back there. Such a treat to shake things up -- just a little bit.


(Yeah. Tom built a fire pit. But we don't really use it.) (Long story.)

Sitting there, relaxing, we realized we were seeing our yard from a whole different perspective. It got me thinking about . . . what we do out of habit and routine. And how a shift of location - even just a slight shift - can help you see things in whole new ways.


Like . . . I had no idea you could see our tri-color beech tree from that back patio! Such a lovely surprise in the very early evening light.

Anyway. This is a long and rather drawn out way to say that -- especially these days - it's important to shake things up however we can. Use my patio story as a reminder to . . . 

  • break out of your daily patterns and habits
  • try something just slightly different: move to a different room -- or chair or corner
  • see things from a new angle


Give it a try! Shake things up!


(Can this really loose ramble of a post qualify as a Three on Thursday post? Maybe?) Be sure to check out Carole's blog today for more Three on Thursday fun.





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I would be so tempted to sit in those yellow chairs all day! Under that lovely natural umbrella, with the great wine bottle border and beautiful views, I'm imagining that life would be pretty much perfect. Yeah, it might be a fantasy, but enjoy both of your patios and shaking things up!


I am working on creating a new outdoor space in my garden. Also, I love using wine bottles are borders too!


Oh gosh! I love your patio, but also your secret garden. Both places look so inviting. After getting my home office set up for working from home these past months, I now will knit or crochet in a chair in the office and I just love the different perspective. I'm curious why you don't use your fire pit? We love ours and use it a lot (though not on really hot summer nights!).


Oh, your yard, patio, and gardens are all so warm & inviting!! I love that you're still making discoveries!

Caffeine Girl

I love both of your areas! They look so comfortable and inviting. But what about bugs? We have so many mosquitos! Especially in the late afternoon and evening. We end up spending more time on our back porch than on our patio.


I love all of the spaces in your yard! We make a similar effort to change things up when we go down to the pergola instead of staying up on the deck. It's good to have a change of scenery even in your own back yard!

Kim Sheehan

You are always so inspirational. Really.


I love this little hide-away garden! (and it is great advice to change your view!! especially, since we...who were so recently green... are now all up in CoronaLisa's business... oy, lol)


What beautiful spaces.


I am now regretting all the wine bottles I have carelessly recycled during SAH -- I could have saved them and used them as a border in the garden! I love that you have so many options in your garden, and it's always a good idea to get a fresh perspective on things, perhaps especially when our usual perspective is almost always the same.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Oh my goodness--I'm loving everything about this post! Just everything.


simply delightful Kym - and how wonderful to do it outside. in your own yard.


Your yard is gorgeous. Like Bonny, I'd be tempted to sit out there all day. Pull up a chair with a glass of ice tea and a good book. Happy Summer.

And yes, now and then I walk my walking route in the opposite direction or cross the street to see a different view.


It didn't take long for your garden to "age" into a lovely place with so many lovely spaces. To walk through your garden would really be delightful.

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