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Right In My Own Backyard

The other day, we woke up to some Big Drama in the garden . . . 


(Husband included for scale.)



So it's a bit of a drag, for sure. But it could have been much worse.

I'm counting my lucky stars and feeling grateful that . . . 

1 -- It didn't hit the fence.


2 -- It didn't hit "Tom's garden" or the patio furniture. (Although it came close.)


3 -- It didn't take out or damage ANY OTHER trees or plants in the garden.

So . . . good news all around!
(And BONUS -- the tree guy is going to do a well-needed prune and trimming to the rest of the tree when he cleans up the limb next week.)

But not altogether bad drama.


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Glad it all worked out Kym (like 2020 needs more sh....). And I love that yellow sitting area!


You were indeed very lucky!! So glad all is ok.


You're also lucky about the "next week" part. They all have very long wait-lists around here!


It definitely could have been worse! I always worry about trees hitting my house!


Wow! That could have been a mess!


Not altogether bad drama is pretty good, plus you got blog fodder from it! :-) (I am inviting myself for a glass of Tom's beer in Tom's garden if I'm ever in the neighborhood!)

Kim Sheehan

Plus---if you have a firepit or fireplace...


I was worried when you posted the first photo on IG, but I am relieved to hear that although it was dramatic, it did no major damage!

Carolyn Thomas

I’d say that counts as lemonade out of lemons!


Here's hoping the tree is otherwise in good shape. It doesn't look like one you would like to lose! I'm so glad the drama wasn't a melodrama and hope that all's well that ends well.


Whoa! That looks like a close call. I'm glad it turned out as well as can be expected. You are fortunate to get a tree trimming service out so soon. Hang in there as it is always something!*#!!

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