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Inspiration You Can Eat

You never know when inspiration will strike.

It could be . . . a pattern of leaves. Or the light falling across the landscape. Maybe it's a shadow. Or the way colors work together. A particular texture, even.

Or . . . it could be a simple colander full of fresh blueberries that gets the inspiration flowing!


That happened to me yesterday. I didn't wake up planning to go on a bit of a baking binge, but it happened all the same . . . as soon as I saw those blueberries. (And smelled the fresh nectarines on my counter.) (And maybe it could even be the latest season of The Great British Baking Show. Who knows?)

But, suddenly, I was all in!


First up, pie crust. Then, while that cooled in the fridge, I was on to blueberry muffins. (Which were quite fine, warm from the oven with a glass of Chardonnay out on the patio, I might add.)


But then. . . the pièce de résistance! 

A blueberry nectarine galette. (Kinda like a pie, but more rustic and a little less fussy.)


And that, folks? 
That was dinner!


Inspiration . . . you can eat!


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Now that is my kind of inspiration (and dinner)! Delicious!


Oh yum!!! What a delightful summer dinner.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Gah!!! Nectarines & blueberries--a favorite combo! Wish I was at your house for dinner last night... :)


I can taste those beautiful baked goods here in Colorado!


This is a fabulous post. And that's all I have to say about that!


Oh yum! That looks so good. I love galettes and wonder why I never think to make them...I would have come over if you had only called!


That galette looks SO delicious! I'm envious.


Very yummy-looking blueberry-ness. I was about to embark on a blueberry peach pie this morning (it is early A.M. here) but you beat me to it! My husband would agree with you that dessert = dinner from time to time. Those muffins look totally scrumptious. Could you share the recipe?


Oooh, that all looks delicious! We made an apple galette about a month ago -- but I took the easy way out and used premade crust!


Oh if only the blog was infused with the aroma of this baking! (and this is the perfect dinner!!)

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