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Who'd Have Thought???

Fade Away

. . . and radiate!

(Here's a link to the soundtrack for today's post, should you want to hear a little Blondie.)

Tom and I have a new grand niece due to arrive any day. So I made her a little sweater.


If Panic at the Disco! was the name of a song instead of the name of a band, THAT would be the name of this sweater. Because . . . I was definitely going to run out of yarn for this one! It's such a panicky feeling to know you're cutting it close, but not be quite sure. I had my little scale out and I was doing maths like crazy. But it was clear I was going to run out of yarn before I ran out of sweater.

In the end, I decided to attempt a fade. (My first.)


And it worked!

PHEW. . . 


You can read all about how I got myself INTO that pickle in the first place - and see all my other project notes - over on Ravelry here. (I'm sorry if you're having vision/vestibular issues with Ravelry these days; please send me an email if you'd like more details on how I knit this.)


How about YOU? What'cha making?


And be sure to visit Kat today for more Unraveled fun.




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Oh, yarn chicken, causes my nerves to fray, even to read about it.On the upside, it does offer an opportunity to use our imagination and use what we have to complete the project, if it works, it's a HUGE win, if not, its tears. Your's worked fabulously! The baby sweater is lovely!


Big gambles can lead to big payoffs and you won - big time! What a gorgeous sweater with a happy ending. I love the photo with the fuschias!


Yarn chicken plus fading!? You pleased the Knitting Gods today! Haha!

I love that little sweater! It is too cute! My oldest has informed me that the new "in thing" is to NOT know the sex. She had her ultrasound last week and the doctor put the "results" in a sealed envelope, in case they change their minds. But she promised me they are not peeking! (I tried to convince her to send it to me, but no luck so far! Haha)

Caffeine Girl

That is a darling little sweater, and your fade only adds to it!

kathy b

Beautiful beautiful fade . Wow. Perfect buttons as well!


Oh, that is super cute!! I love those colors, and your fade turned out so great!


AND, I love all those buttons so closely set!!


The sweater, the buttons, the fade - all are wonderful. Looks like you won this round Kym!!


You did a fabulous job with that!!


Soooo pretty. She shall rock that cardi! xo


And what a fantastic sweater you made!!! Lucky mama, lucky baby to have YOU for an aunt!


Love that sweater!!! I have a two month old new Great Niece and seem to have gotten the urge to knit more for her and her two year old sister lately. I have multiple sweaters planned for each, two sets matching. I love the fade on that sweater though, it is so cute and the colors are gorgeous.


So adorable! You did an excellent job with the fade -- I honestly thought it was just the yarn pooling a bit because of the different stitch counts on different parts of the sweater. The pearly pink buttons are the perfect touch, too!

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