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A Steady, Continuous Stream of Something


As I've been playing around with the word "flow" this year, I've discovered that it is a word with many definitions. (I've also discovered that it comes up in regular conversation ALL the time. I've never had a word so easy to find "in the world" as this one.) Anyway, of all the definitions I've found, this one is my favorite:

Flow. (n.) a steady, continuous stream of something

As you can see . . . flow . . . means the opposite of being stuck. But lately? I've been feeling pretty . . . stuck.
Not steady.
Not continuous.
Definitely not a stream of anything.

But that's how it is sometimes, isn't it?

"Between the banks of pain and pleasure the river of life flows. It is only when the mind refuses to flow with life, and gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes a problem."
            -- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

So. My dilemma: How to get unstuck (at the banks)?
And start that steady, continuous stream of something . . . again?


For me, I headed back to my "basics" -- the five elements I discovered several years ago (when my word was balance). I stripped my days down to the 5 basic elements I need in my life every day:

  1. Reflection (this usually comes through journaling)
  2. Meditation and yoga
  3. Moving my body (working up a sweat)
  4. Breathing fresh air
  5. Creating . . . something (anything, really)

Sometimes, when I get busy -- or when my brain gets busy -- I leave one or more of these elements out of my day. (It's usually reflection, which I think is telling.) And when I get overwhelmed with bleak thoughts or the relentless stream (a flow . . . ) of disturbing news, I tend to forget about these five things altogether and approach them in a very haphazard way. 


Earlier this month, I realized this was happening again (that haphazard thing). So a couple of weeks ago I made myself a little checklist in my day planner with my 5 basic elements, and I started tracking them and giving myself checkmarks at the end of each day. (I'll do almost anything for a checkmark.) I really concentrated on those 5 elements. Every day.


And with a more steady focus on my 5 things . . . coupled with a pretty extensive "unplugging" (of blogging, of the news, of Instagram, etc.), I'm starting to feel a shift in myself.

I wouldn't quite call it a steady, continuous stream of something quite yet.
But . . . maybe closer.


Did you choose a word for this year? If you did, what have you discovered this month? Be sure to visit Honoré today to read what others have shared about their word.



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We have very different words, but maybe not! I had much the same month as you did - it was a hard, upsetting month. I found respite in focusing on a simple daily routine... and ignoring blogs, commenting, the internet, news, and anything that dragged me back to the chaos that is all around us. I did not ignore the chaos, but I found a way to keep the chaos from making me chaotic. I want to thank you especially, because your voice this month helped me tremendously. I think you found amazing things with your word this month. Bravo to you!


I'm glad to hear that it's beginning to help and hope the trend continues. I have sometimes felt a bit guilty in recent months about having a word that is so much about enjoyment, but I also think that in the midst of all this chaos one of the best things I can do for myself is to notice the moments of enjoyment and to derive as much joy as I can from those times when life is good. Some of the things on your to-do list are also on mine, and though they take time, I really would miss them now if I couldn't do them. I can only hope that when all this madness is over we're able to maintain the practices that have helped us to get through it.


Your five things routine create a good flow. It is such a multifaceted word.


Back to basics sounds like it's working for you, and it's been working for me, too. I hope you find a steady continuous stream of something good. (I keep thinking about that bank quote and the streams that I've fished. I don't have any words of wisdom, but my snakehead was hiding under a shelf that was up against a bank. Pleasure for me but pain for the fish, but probably not an analogy that works here.)


Flowing back to the five things that work for you is wise Kym. You're making progress and you will get there! I really think this has been a good word for you this year (which is such a strange one, non?).


You are always just so smart. And anything for a check mark? Oh yeah.

Carolyn Thomas

“I'll do almost anything for a checkmark.” Something tells me you have a lot of good company in this department :) AND it’s such a great thing to know about yourself--because, look! It works. Not a magic switch to flip—but a good, reliable tool. I’m so glad to read how you’re finding your flow again. (I think I’ll make a note of your technique, b/c I’ve been getting stuck more than I’d like the past few months.)


I like the idea of making time - taking time for your five basics. We all need to honor our intuition about what is best for us. I've been rereading parts of Women Who Run with the Wolves and rediscovering some life changing ideas.

Margene Smith

That unplugging has been a must for me. I like your 5 points and will try my own mix of making that work. May we keep peace and joy, Kym.


Thank you, Kym, for sharing. I had a list TEN things in May and I tracked them daily. I let it go in June, and this month, think getting back to a core couple would be really helpful. I'm glad a new month starts on Saturday!


Good thoughts well said, Kym. Thanks for these last few posts. They resonate and it’s comforting to know how others are coping.

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