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Still Rooted. Still Flowing.


Here we are.
At the midpoint of 2020.
(Hard to believe, I know.) (Time is so out-of-whack.)

Usually . . . in the Before Times . . . about now I'd be looking back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I'd be assessing. Figuring out if my goals were working. If they were actually a reasonable set of guidelines. Or not. And plot out where I might need to go next.

But this year?


First of all, I didn't ever SET any goals for myself for 2020.

(Prescient? Ummm. No.)

I didn't go along with the "20 for 20" thing.

(Clairvoyant? Ummm. No.)

It was just . . . with a word like "flow" . . . well. You just don't want to box yourself in now, do you?


Instead, I set myself a few wide-open intentions for 2020:

  • be healthy and get strong
  • practice the things I love
  • pay attention to the moon
  • be kind
  • let love flow
  • focus on flexibility and stretching
  • keep my eyes open
  • be mindful of the world I live in
  • make space


I kinda look like a freaking genius now, don't I? 


Because never ever in my history . . . have I established a set of intentions that so perfectly fits the reality . . . of the life that is unfolding. (But maybe we could all say that for whatever word we picked this year. Because these words do seem to show us things -- if we allow them to.)

So. Where I am at the mid-point with my word?


Point yourself in a direction.
See where it takes you.
And ride it out, baby. Ride it out.


How about you? How are you doing? And if you have a word for 2020, how is it serving you?



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Love your intentions. Obviously FLOW is the perfect word for you this year. You chose a great one (or it chose you!!).


Set intentions...Ride it out... <3


Initially I felt like the pandemic derailed me and my focus, but now I think that maybe there are much deeper lessons to be learned (if we are open to them). Flow is perfect this year and you just may be a genius! :-)

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Seems like there may have been a whole lot of divine intervention there back in January'ish! Just reading your list of intentions gave me a good, deep breath IN.


Flow has turned out to be a great word. I am finding that my word has been showing up. Need to pay closer attention.


Setting your intention and ride it out! Forget one word I think that phrase says it all!


What is the beautiful tree or shrub in the pictures? So green and relaxing!


I really see flow in all of your intentions for the year -- they're not about the destination but the journey, and you can't get anywhere without riding the path. I think, actually, that flow might have been a good word for all of us this year given that we have no idea what each day will bring have to ride the waves as they come, so to speak!

When I picked savor as my word for the year, my original thought was that it would mean really enjoying life to the fullest. Now, it's about enjoying what I have and finding delight in the everyday, which is really keeping me from feeling too down about things. Pretty smart, I'd say!


You have an uncanny way of picking the perfect words, or maybe it's not picking the word, but living UP to the word in a perfectly beautiful way. I admire your focus on the word and how if fits, flows, into your every day. Nicely done, Kym.

Caffeine Girl

Work is still so dominant in my life that I'm just trying to hold onto one word: kind. It's so easy to get frazzled and these days no one else needs to take on my stress. Everyone has their own!

Your list is perfect, though, and we would all benefit from working toward it.


I've always known you were a genius.


Okay, I am laughing. And I am in awe! You win the word award of all time! :)


Three words. Disappointing (which, I suppose, blocks Flow) and Opportunity (which has me rolling along with knitting up unfinished projects) and Frustration - which hopefully will lead to....something. P.S. That leaf photo looks almost like a watercolor. (Hint. Hint.)


Totally f-ing genius, my friend! let's just RIDE IT OUT!


You just may be a genius and always with the Flow. You go girl.

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