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Purple Haze


This is the time of year when all my hard work in the garden (and Tom's, too!) starts to pay off. Everything is generally neat and tidy, the blooms are bursting, and the party's ready to begin. Usually I look for reasons to celebrate in my garden. With other people.

I mean, I do love to just sit in my garden and enjoy. And we do that. Pretty much every evening at the end of the day. But gardens are meant to be shared!

Usually, I host my book group in my garden. I volunteer to have small meetings right on my patio. I invite friends over for drinks or knitting. We host our giant solstice party. But not this year.

So I'll share it virtually with all of you instead!
C'mon back . . . 


People are usually kind of surprised when they come through my garden gate . . . into the back yard . . . because you can't really see my garden from the front of my house at all. It's kind of a secret garden.


(Pretend I remembered to move the yard waste bin out of the way before taking this photo.)

I have gardens beds and landscaping in the front, too. But the Main Event is in the backyard. It's private and hidden and comfortable. (As in not fussy at all.)


It's, well . . . a lot of work (because this is only half of the back yard...), and Tom and I do all of it ourselves. (Except the mowing. We do hire out the mowing.) But it's a labor of love. 

Right now, my garden is in its Purple Haze blooming phase. 

There's the wisteria dripping from the pergola. . . 


and the globemaster allium holding court over the hostas.


I've got false indigo . . . 


and several types of perennial salvia attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.


I wish we all could sit around the patio . . . on this glorious day . . . sipping some wine and enjoying the blooms together. But like so many other things these days, we'll just have to imagine.

Thanks for coming along!

. . . 'scuse me while I kiss the sky.


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Beautiful. Cheers, Kym & Tom!!


Someday I'm inviting myself to your garden so I can sit under that wisteria and admire the Purple Haze in person. Just beautiful!


It is lovely! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Teresa Monzon



Just lovely Kym! And those yellow chairs are so great! (Someday!!!)


Having been there at this time of year I can say with all confidence that your garden is beautiful and welcoming and a wonderful place to hang out. Thanks for having us over today!

Kim Sheehan

I love all your purple!!!


So lovely Kym. I feel like I'm there with you (and I'm having a glass of wine with lunch, so there is that...). Bravo to you and Tom - it is beautiful!


Sigh. I would love to spend some (real) time in your secret garden. It looks so peacful!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Secret gardens are the BEST gardens! Thank you for the lovely escape! If I'd known what was in store, I'd have poured a glass of prosecco. It's happy hour here in mtn time, after all!


Simply beautiful. I discovered a wisteria vine blooming when out on a neighborhood walk. A secret garden - how lovely. Thank you for sharing.


Serenity! I just love the allium! Thanks for inviting into your secret garden.


What yard waste bin?? How idyllic it is back there. No wonder you are not talking of moving to sunny California. How could you leave that?


So gorgeous! (my yard has some purple going on too! And the Lambs Ears are particularly stunning this year!) I need to find some of those allium's - they really are spectacular!


Impressive, a very special place, and so peaceful! How nice it would be to sit with you have enjoy its lovely energy.

kathy b

Oh my gosh. That is truly one of the loveliest gardens I've ever seen> The dripping purple flowers are stunning on the over hang!


I love your Purple Phase!

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