First Monday of Summer
Like . . . REALLY Unraveled!

Out of Whack

I've been feeling a bit . . . discombobulated . . . lately.
It's not a big deal. It's just kinda . . .there.
I'm not sure exactly what it is.
But probably part State of the World, part Global Pandemic, and part Always-Burning-Toxic-Dumpster-Hellfire. Coupled with just some general, everyday, bland personal malaise.

Basically, I'm out of balance.

Too much yang. Need a little yin.
(Or vice versa.)


So I've started the day with yoga.
Followed by a long meditation session.
Now I'm gonna put in my best balancing earrings. . . 
and keep my head down for the rest of the day while I try to find my flow.

What do you do . . . when you're feeling out of balance?




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I would also suggest some essential oils for grounding, Northern Lights Black Spruce is one of my favorites.

Carolyn Thomas

I've had to do some searching on this one--not just during the pandemic, but over the past year or so. What I've come to: 1) name it out loud (like you've just done). I say it out loud to Troy, and to whoever else is in the room. While I used to try the Fake it til you make it approach--I quickly learned that's a load of crap. For me. 2) I exhaust myself physically in some way. Yard work, like shoveling. Or a plyo workout. Something cardio that TOTALLY kicks my butt. The physical push gets me completely out of my head so I can start from as clean of a slate as possible.


Talk about it, acknowledge it, try to find some humor around it and then just sit with it and like you...head down and move on through.


Oh man, I've been struggling... feeling like I'm in the Twilight Zone, floating between worlds. All The Things. And they're all such BIG things, with so many unknowns attached. I acknowledge, but I really can't dwell... that would be very bad. So sometimes I forget (like I did the other day with the kids) (and sometimes when I'm at work) (and maybe that's good?) and it's a rude snap back to reality in the outside world! I try to keep moving (hopefully forward), keep doing and making, I am very gentle with myself (and, I think, with others), and I am not alone.


Yoga, yoga, more yoga. It just makes me feel better. I do think acknowledging these emotions and saying them out loud is important as well. Then just let it go.


Definitely for me it's something that exhausts me, physically, so I can get the good, restorative sleep that I need (because usually when I'm feeling out of whack, it also messes with my sleeping). Of course, with the current state of things, that doesn't always work as well, because even though I'm getting my daily exercise, I'm still having super crazy dreams! I don't think any of us has all the coping mechanisms to deal with the giant dumpster fire we're all in right now, if I'm honest. But I'm willing to bet that some puppy snuggles will make things a little better!


Oh my. Yes. Meditation. and writing. I have found such joy in listening to the "outside" on the Overstory podcast. It is so helpful for lifting ones spirits.


Drink water. More times than not if I'm out of whack, I'm dehydrated. Probably not that simple to resolve but it can't hurt.

Caffeine Girl

Walking or yoga. One of those two will usually do the trick.
Or drawing.


Meditate, get out there and walk like I'm really pissed off (which I am far too often), and have a glass of wine. My grandmother always advised water for out-of-whack babies and adults. I swam in the creek over the weekend, but I imagined all those snakeheads in the water and had to have two glasses of wine when I got back home.


I have been feeling this way as well. Thought I had it under control with daily walking meditation and my yoga practice but it has been bubbling over. I looked at what I was doing with my time, besides working from home, and was really not surprised to see that my anxiety was steadily rising with media consumption. I am now starting a media fast. I deleted all the apps, news and social, to make accessing them a conscious vs unconscious act. It has helped me in the past and never fear someone will let you know what you “missed.”

Kathy Boyer

Im feeling out of sorts too. It is the isolation . It is the not knowing when I'll see my kids. It is the same every day. It subsides by evening. Then I knit away and seem to block this FEELING out . If it carries on much longer I'll be talking to my doctor. This isolation and news of more outbreaks is discouraging. I am working hard in my gardens. But I don't know. Somethings is off

Gale Z

I get it! I hope it passes soon. Xox


I am not having those feelings (much), but both Smokey and I are sleeping way more than usual. Guess that is our coping mechanism.

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