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Mystery Date

Remember this?

(Holy sh**SO MUCH WORSE than I remembered. . . )

So. A few weeks ago, I told you all about my . . . recent flirtations . . .  when it comes to my knitting. Well, my heartbreaker of a summer continues. Because now I'm on a Mystery Date!


Will it be a dream??? Or a dud???
Stay tuned and find out!


How about you? What are you making?
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My parents refused to get Mystery Date for my sister and I. We resented it mightily at the time, but that didn't keep us from playing at all of our friends' houses. I hope your Mystery Date is not a Poindexter! :-)


I'm on the mystery date too! Not sure I would have chosen it but enjoying how the stitches are playing out! (And we did not get that game either...)


Oh how I chuckled when watching that ad! The trouble is I don’t even remember that game! I did a little research and realized I was on real dates at the time the game was issued! Don’t even remember my younger sisters interested in it. No mystery dates in my knitting bag. Trying so hard to focus on my queue and stash. Let’s see how long my willpower lasts!


I don't remember that at all! But I love the yarns for your mystery date. I'm betting it will not be a dud!


Is that Kirsten's Mystery? I haven't cast on yet but accidentally saw a spoiler and the knitter was fairly smitten (so far). As far as mystery dates go, Kirsten's a pretty good gamble.

We never had that game, and I don't remember anyone who did!

Julia in KW

I’m on that mystery date, too! Quite enjoying it, though I do have to pay attention to what I’m doing. Don't recall the game, but it also brings to mind “The Dating Game” and “ The Newlywed Game” that looked pretty similar!


OMG...I had that game!! AND...watching it just now, I could sing verbatim the whole theme song. LOL.


That is hilarious! I would love to find a complete set of that game somewhere. I'm sure your mystery date will be gorgeous - I love the colours you have chosen.


I can hear them singing the TV shows tune. I see a bee! I love bees. Your knit will BEE a BEAUTY


YOU are knitting a mystery shawl? I'm shocked, I thought you were done with those things! I hope it's awesome and you love it!


Oooh, I like your color choice! It looks like a nice nubby wool, too (though please correct me if I'm wrong).


I love your color choice! and I am dying at Mystery Date! LOL


Somehow I missed Mystery Date. I like your color combination for the mystery knit though. Have a good week.


Love the color combination you have for TTL Mystery Shawl. I am doing it as well, first time for a mystery knit, sure hope I am not disappointed.
Never heard of Mystery Date, doesn't sound like anything my Mom would of allowed for us. We could not watch The Dating Game, oh, no no no!
Have a good week.


I'm old enough to have no memory of Mystery Date. Or, it may be, that my mother limited our TV enough we never saw it. Or, it could be, that I just have a poor memory. BUT, I am having a great time on my TTL Mystery date and looking forward to what happens next!

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