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Like . . . REALLY Unraveled!

Look at it . . . 


Just sitting there.

Looking all ready to . . . Become Something!

(Fooled you, though.)

Just Monday morning, those lovely balls of yarn were behaving ever so nicely all knit up as Clues #1-3 of Kirsten Kapur's current mystery shawl. The yarn (Jill Draper's Ansel) is lovely and knits up beautifully. The design is interesting and clever, and the clues flow so well from each other (as Kirsten's designs always do). It's entertaining knitting, for sure, and I know the shawl will be a stunner when it's all finished.

But you know what?

It's just not my style.

I was not completely sold after the first clue, and was really having some doubts after the second. But . . . I knew I needed to give the whole thing a bit more "real estate" to judge it fairly, so I knit the third clue. And just kept thinking to myself . . . hmmmmm. I'm thinking no. But I decided to see what happens with the fourth clue before making any final decisions about continuing.

When I saw clue 4 (which, to be fair, does look like fun knitting and a very clever design), I knew that it just wasn't going to work for me.

So I ripped.
And re-wound.
Totally unraveled.

This year's mystery shawl will be beautiful, I know. And I can't wait to see all the other knitters' stunning finished shawls. I'll be content, though, with my decision to unravel. No regrets. Because I will have listened to my own heart . . .  and just let it go!


What's the most surprising thing you've ever unraveled? And did you regret letting it go?


Be sure to join Kat today for more tales of "unraveling."


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That is a hard call to make, when you had already put quite a lot of work into it. But better for that yarn to become something you will love. I have a cardigan here that I have knitted all except half a sleeve. I know it will not fit properly and I will never wear it but I will have to force myself to unravel. It is difficult not to think of all the time spent knitting as you watch the rows unravel!


You're a smart cookie. So what will you knit with that yarn instead?


I was all ready to quote your "give it enough real estate" to you, but I should have known that you would follow your own advice. It is lovely yarn in lovely colors, and a great pattern, but just not meant to be for you. The only thing I can recall unraveling is a Hitchhiker, to reknit it as a Hitchhiker with yarn-overs. Not terribly daring or adventurous!


I have a hard time giving up on something I'm that far along in, so I applaud you for being brave and unraveling! Your yarn is beautiful, so I'm glad you're going to repurpose it for something that will make your heart sing.


I’m with you here. I felt this way about my Nightshift. Such a pretty shawl, loved the yarn, but it just wasn’t me.


Interesting post, Kym If I ever become a shawl knitter I will remember your comments about Kirsten’s patterns. Have always loved her blog. For Jayne, sometimes a vest might work when a cardigan doesn’t. Might just not adding the sleeves work? Just a thought. For me, I have put on hold a baby sweater. Just not sure about the yarn. Think it wants to be something else. But it’s still sittin’ there in case I change my mind (before the baby grows up).


I'm sure it feels really freeing, Kym - yay! My latest unravel was a cardigan I knit last fall. It was tweedy lace, with a brown MC and two shades of gray as contrast. I finished the whole thing and never wanted to wear it. So I ATTEMPTED to unravel. turns out I was really good at weaving in the ends and I ended up throwing most of it in the trash. I do still like the colors, though, and I think I salvaged enough to knit a little scarf. someday.


I'm just starting clue 4 and then entire time have been saying OH I CAN JUST GIVE IT TO SOMEONE! :-) Like you it is not my style but holy smokes does the yarn love the pattern. I frogged a Bonne Marie Burns cardi design which pretty much sadly ended up in the trash. I loved it but the yarn was just wrong.

Carolyn Thomas

It's taken me a long time to be able to do something like that. Right up there with deciding to abandon a book. But I'm glad I'm there now, because knowing what's right or wrong for YOU, regardless of what's right or wrong for anyone/everyone else, is just damn liberating.
And I really love those colors, so I can't wait to see what they become!


Sounds like you made the right decision for you! Love the colors of your yarn and am wondering what you will make with it. I have a sweater to unravel. Body done, sleeve started, just not loving it...

Margene Smith

I'm feeling just as Patty is! I think my niece will love it and I'm going to have fun knitting it!


I'm feeling like you Kym, like the pattern but not sure if it's my color choice or what, but I am not feeling it....period. I have stopped knitting the shawl for now, will wait to see the entire shawl when someone else has completed the mystery.


Oh boy! Those are great colors!! (and my most painful unravel was my finished Vodka Lemonade - it fit once, but then losing 50+ pounds it just was way.too.big.)


Caffeine Girl

I recently frogged a Kristen Kapur shawl. Like all her patterns, it was beautiful and written well -- but I realized I would never wear it. Now I have two beautiful skeins of MadTosh sock yarn!
And, no, I don't regret the frogging at all.

Kathryn Lewis

Good for you! I am also knitting the Mystery Knitalong and I love the pattern, it's definitely my style, but I'm not 100% sold on the colors. They look great together, not sure they're look great together on me. So we'll see! I recently frogged 10 longstanding projects that I was never going to get to which made me feel good!


Good for you, listening to your inner voice!

Looking at all those spoiler photos, I'm thinking that shawl might be stunning in a single color... my favorites are the ones with little contrast, so it's all about texture and lace! And now I'm glad I'm so far behind (still haven't really decided on color/colors).


Very wise move to unravel something that just isn't for you. The yarn is so pretty and it will keep for another project. I rip out lots of projects with little regret.The most memorable recently was a cardigan, Peasy. I just knew I didn't have enough of the yarn and wouldn't be happy with some from another dye lot.

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