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We're having "work days" here at our cottage this week. Deep cleaning. Household tasks. Putting in the docks. "Lumberjacking." (Taking care of felled trees and clearning out some space at our "beach" -- now non-existent due to rising lake levels.)

Not much time for fun and games. 

Or knitting.

But my watercolor class still meets via Zoom on Tuesday nights! We're working on still life compositions right now. Mine . . . has a definite up north feel . . . 


In progress. . . coming along.
(Bonus points if you can tell what it is.)

What are you working on these days?




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I'm in MD having a couple of work days also, but sadly, without any lakes or docks, just work. But I see a very nice fly fishing reel and some flies in that lovely watercolor. I'm glad there is some creativity happening up north and it's not all work!


I spotted the reel. :-) Productivity feels good...for a period of time! I'm cruising along on an Ankers tee and trying to look away from the TTL MKAL. I've got yarn from two years ago that I never used and the first clue looks nice. Maybe if I don't wind it...

Kim Sheehan

It's a fishing thing, yes?


That looks like a fishing reel. It has suddenly become very hot here (90s) and this NYS girl always suffers in the IL heat, so I kinda envy you being "up north"!


Thats a fly rod! We have More than several (lots) of them here at my house. The river is running to high with the run off, but soon , very soon we will be in the river!
When I lived in Chicago, we would go over to Michigan and hang out for the weekend at a friends beach house...great memories.


Yes, a fly rod! Marc has several ... I've never tried it!


As previous commenters mentioned, I saw the fishing reel immediately. We headed north to our place in Maine to do some cleaning and winter repairs. The lilacs are in bloom and I’m loving the scent when I walk outside. Enjoy your time up north. All your hard work will pay off in the summer!


Is that a fishing rod reel? (If it is, be super impressed -- I do not come from a fishing family!)

I seem to be working on everything lately. I have four knitting WIPs and one crochet, plus spinning. I guess my mojo has really come back in full force!


Nice fly fishing reel! I hope you can find some relaxing time soon!


Definitely rod/reel! Funny, they’re called “work days” at our cottage, too :) Its when we put the water line in the lake, take boards off the windows, reconnect plumbing....and the dust bunnies! They clearly have babies over the winter. I’ve mostly been ‘working on’ as many mountain hikes as I can get in before heading east to the lake. And finishing up a few books and placing a bunch of summer holds. Then crossing my fingers that I can get an appt to pick them up before heading out!


Beautiful painting! (and those guesses were all so good!) I'd say what fun about all that work, but really...not so much. But good for you that it is getting done!


Everyone else has already guessed, but I was late to the blog post. I also guessed a reel... either that or a pack of birth control pills!


Um. Something to do with FISHING? ;)

We took a drive up to Door County yesterday and holy cow, Lake Michigan!! I've never seen the water so high. Some docks/piers were underwater, and I saw at least one building (most recently an art gallery) with sandbags all around. Ugh!


Oh man it sounds like a work vacation at the lake. Take good care and use good body mechanics. I'd say the painting has something to do with fishing.


Yes fly fishing!! My little brother and a nephew have both been avid fly fishermen (and tying their own flies). It's an art. When I arranged a meeting at Biltmore for my Southern group we had "activities" (in addition to drinking - lol) and one of them was a fly fishing day. What fun! I sucked at it, but had a good time.


I recognize the reel. How're the fish biting with the water so high (or is Tom too busy to fish?)? Your watercolor is looking very cool and I look forward to seeing more (please?). It was wonderful to chat for awhile! I had so many more things to ask you about that we never got around to. Next time!

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