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Fridays Are For Poetry


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I am with you! Yesterday, I spent the day sewing and it was such a refreshing break!

Carolyn Thomas

Oh, your #3 was a perfectly timed chuckle as I was swallowing coffee...! But NOT chuckling--boy, that Too Much News is a big culprit. I have found that, since being at the lake, I digest a fraction of the news I do at home--just once a day--and it has made an enormous difference. Sometimes it actually feels like NOT enough, which is probably a good sign of a true rest. xo


Haha, I had sweat dripping the same place yesterday! I think your plan is a good one.


LOL ... sweat is such a great way to re-charge or re-whatever.


I'm expecting that sweat shortly! I''m heading out for a walk as soon as Fletch gets out of the shower! Cutting back on the news/noise is a smart move Kym.


It's been tough for me to come to this realization but too much news is never good. I hate to be uninformed, but 10-15 min with The Atlantic and NPR are enough for me, and sometimes even that is too much. Yarn, dirt, and sweat are good!


I like your basics.


I'm going to be you next week and I cannot wait! And the news...5 -10 minutes in the morning if it works and that's about it right now. I do read Katie Couric's Wake-up call daily too. I wish we could walk our dogs together! xo

Jeannie Gray

Great plan! I've turned off the news too and spend to spend my days floating in the pool and my nights knitting.


Thankfully, I'm a bit cooler today, but yesterday! I had sweat dripping between all the places that immediate come to mind... and the ones you might need to think about. Haha. In other words, sweaty all over!

The news... yikes. I am much happier with small doses of that.

I haven't been doing much gardening, but I did spot my first baby zucchini yesterday and, oh, that does a heart good. :)


Being in Florida (though I live in center of North Central Florida, in the county that has had the strictest ordinance from the beginning) I feel the same.

Thanks for the chuckle on number 3. I make sure to sit outside in my urban forested yard every evening. Usually eating my dinner out there. The sweat is real...

At least we're not worrying about Tropical activity (thank you Saharan Air Layer).

Yarn, in the guise of the Sussurate Shawl, plays a big part in my distraction/sanity these days.




I hear you on the sweat - it has been SO humid here for the past week! Thanks for the laugh!


Jeannie, I'm the opposite. I knit inside with the AC running during the day, and float in the pool with a book in the evenings... ;-)


These Comments have been worth your effort to write today’s blog, Kym. Very entertaining! We don’t have a pool but we sweat on the sidewalk while walking daily. And do everything else (knitting, baking and otherwise avoiding reality) in blessed AC.


Love your Buddha! Back to basics, that similar to yours.


I have been a little out of sorts myself. I find this time after the shelter at home to be harder to navigate as I have a few good friends who have more tolerance for risk than I do. Gracefully saying no thank you has been challenging. And of course I miss my kids and grands. My basics are similar to yours.


Your ToT items seem guaranteed to bring you some peace and calm.

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