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An Altogether Different Destination

This week . . . I'm supposed to be biking through the Scottish countryside.

But I'm not.
Of course.

Instead, I took a little trip to "sleeve island."


That's two sets of sleeves there. Adult-sized sleeves for this cardigan for me. And baby-sized sleeves for this cardigan for a gift (for a great niece due next month).

An altogether different destination, indeed.


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I love both sets of sleeves! (though, yours especially!) :)


As nice as those sleeves look, I think biking through the Scottish countryside would have been really lovely. My sympathies (and I hope they serve wine and cocktails on sleeve island)!


So sad. :-( I was heading to Denver today at one point...The sleeves look fabulous...that's a lucky baby!


Well, at least you are not on Sleeve Island. So sorry about your missed biking trip. I know you would have loved that so much.


Very different -- but look how nicely all your sleeves coordinate! I'm sure you'd rather be biking through scenic countryside, but at least what you have to occupy your time instead is pretty nice.


Sorry to change the subject, but what happened to Ravelry? OMG, I was just there yesterday and now I'm lost! IAC, I LOVE the color of your cardigan and the style of that sweater is just you!


leaning in to different destinations. all good. xoxo.

Kim Sheehan

Sleeve island is the next great vacation destination!


I would love to visit Scotland one day. Hope yoou get there soon! The Miriam cardigan is a great pattern. Super easy so you can make more than one colour! And I love Feather and Fan stitch - that baby cardigan will look adorable.


Scotland is on my bucket list! My dad would travel by train from his base to Edinburgh on leave during WWII. It was the only time he would talk about the war. Sleeve Island is a place I long for on my most recent project, Elton. Maybe I’ll get there some day. Meanwhile love the pink sleeves and the baby sleeves are so sweet.


Oh goody, not gray:). So sorry for loss of Scotland. Hopefully there will be another chance. Why did they have to shrink the print on Ravelry?? I find myself avoiding going there. It used to be sheer pleasure.


Bummer. Here's hoping that you'll get to bike in Scotland sooner rather than later.


It is sad that our trips to Scotland were cancelled but I am making plans to go next summer. Does sleeve island have bike paths? 😉


We're trying real hard not to think about international travel 'round here... I hope you'll be able to make that trip (or something similar) someday.

Super cute sweaters!!


Sleeve island is definitely not as fun as biking through Scotland. But you'll have 2 great sweaters to show for your time there, at least.


Sleeve Island went by in a whoosh of knitting. I am sorry about your trip to Scotland. I wonder if we will all appreciate some of these misplaced experiences all the more when we can travel safely. Four sleeves is an accomplish. You go girl.

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